Please help us to understand how often internet surfers type wrongly in a search box when they are actually looking for ''. Thanks.

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Posted 11 years.


  • Latter of the one - 8 years ago

    THIS SITE IS FABBBBB!!! Ashame there are not too many comments. Pls keep site FOREVER

  • Daniel H - 8 years ago

    I think this website is lame. At least make it look a little fancy and write in BIG, BOLD letters that this is not Google. A lot of students at school came accidentally onto this site.

    Jonesville Anglican School
    9581 6777

  • Fatman - 8 years ago

    I went to "" because I was curious to see if anything was there. You missed that possibility in your poll.

  • Curious cat - 8 years ago

    Meowwwwww, I was mew just a bit curious to see mew mew whether google would be mewww cocky enough to say meww did you mean meww google, and also bring up meww search results for meww google in the mew first mew place.

    Purrrrhaps others may've done this.

    Smell you meww later, sadly I can meww smell you stinky meww humans more than mew you can me-www.

  • The Original Gogle - 9 years ago

    The reason they study it is I'm Nicholas Gogle I go to Rutherford High School in Panama City, 32404. I'm a guy that is very spiritual but has no religion :/ I want to talk to the creator of or whatever that site was that studies the activities of "Gogle". I need to know because I want to make another site called Useless Knowledge and i want a bunch of various Gogle pics. Please let me know whats up.

    By the way I am Nicholas Gogle,
    Gamertag: Th3 Keeper

  • zack - 9 years ago

    Ya it is definitely biased

  • NuffimNam - 10 years ago

    i accidentally left out an "O" when typing google.

  • dsc - 10 years ago

    This poll is biased. Those who are looking for google are likely to navigate away from the site without responding to its poll. I wouldn't put much faith in it.

  • Mosh - 10 years ago

    This website has made my day, 5150 excellent point

  • Betsey Sue - 10 years ago

    I have a question -
    why does the poll total 101%?

  • Dimensia - 10 years ago

    That's poppycock! I typed in but meant to type in because it's the author in the movie The Namesake, where Kumar's (Kal Penn) name is Gogol. I just spelt it wrong xD SPELT

  • 5150 - 10 years ago

    To the inventor of "Gogle" you are a genious and a master of the english language. thank you for this experiacne.

  • reaper - 10 years ago


  • reaper - 10 years ago

    this is dum its the same thing as google people so u mite as well gtoogle

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    I typed gogle because the aliens stole Google's second 'o'. But if _all_ my o are belong to them, perhaps I should actually be searching for "ggle".

  • allyouroarebelongtous - 10 years ago

    i googled gogle because of icon on google's page today. the one referring to the All your base are belong to us reference. Was curious if exists because one of the Os is being taken away...

  • TheDentite - 10 years ago

    This site has blown my mind. I type because it autodirects me to google and I feel very clever. To see that someone studies this makes me happy.

    I found you because I typed into the search box instead of the url box by acident.

  • supercool dude - 10 years ago

    wow.... this is really lame...... some one should give me the answers to

  • Ninja...Undercover - 10 years ago

    coolio......i will start using this as well as google!!!!

  • Michael - 10 years ago

    you should totally sell your site to google!!! YOU WILLL MAKE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Je mama - 10 years ago

    I googled google, gogle was on front page

  • mayonaise - 11 years ago

    please visit my website (!

    I love this site who ever hates it is a gypsie

  • bryan - 11 years ago

    i type in because it auto-directs me to

  • Kim Park Chen Lee Cho Sato Seto Otsuka Wang Nguyen - 11 years ago

    Awesome... whoever made this site, ur a frigin genie

  • casey - 11 years ago

    i think this place is awesome i think this place just had to exist since 1923

  • casey - 11 years ago

    i think this place is awesome i think this place just had to exist sinces 1923

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