What grade do you give CBS' 'Under the Dome'?

  • Val Fitzgerald - 8 years ago

    Heh heh heh?! The 'pink stars' falling UP not down; is THAT supposed to be The End? Really? I can see more------. Does Barbie get assassinated (sorry, hanged) by the town (Chester's Mill)'s Kings, Big Jim Rennie & Son---or not? This is not exactly a cliffhanger ending---but is it supposed to be? Is what we saw Sept. 16, the last of Under the Dome? I mean, there's not much more you could do with the people and the dome, so I guess the pink stars falling up will have to usher in a new season.....anyway, I guess now I'll go read the book....maybe, the last page first?!

  • Yvonne Werstler - 8 years ago

    Love it so far but not happy to find out that it will not end like the book, and that they are doing it so they can keep the show going.

  • Rob - 8 years ago

    A fallout shelter would lock from the inside not the outside. You want to keep people out not in.
    The preacher would have been dead by the time the police officer rescued him. His rescue,as portrayed,was stupid. Not a viewer any more.

  • Tammy - 8 years ago

    UNDER THE DOME. I ♥ it. I'm hooked. Another home run from Stephen King :)

  • clyon19 - 8 years ago

    terrific cast, a bit overdone but overall very interesting.
    gotta say I really hated the kid 'kidnapping' Angie(?) and holding in the storm basement. that alone might keep me away
    but found a lot of stuff ... ok, I got a good laugh out of some of the horrific stuff. (I dont buy in to the 'horror') angles

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