Five years from now, which will be the dominant mobile platform for Web applications?


  • QQ - 15 years ago

    What about OpenMoko?

  • ZZ - 15 years ago

    I think whoever posed this question is a very ignorant person since they did not include Symbian. For god's sake 200 million phones currently run on symbian and its not even included in the list? American ethnocentric ignorance...

  • FilipeAlvesFerreira - 15 years ago

    I think android will be the first platform integrating the money datevaluation and the personal webcashmotor fonction to link money-to-money into Economy 4G3W.

  • S. P. Dhar - 15 years ago

    It is mighty unfair that you do not include Symbian, I feel that this one will yet reinvent itself and the Finns will have a thing or two to say about the mobile platform of choice.

  • Kensho - 15 years ago

    Symbian. That's final.

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