Have You Ever Gotten In An Argument On Facebook?


  • Justin P - 9 years ago

    Yup, recently in fact. Dude tryin to come at me talkin bout Zimmermans justified in killin Trayvon. N this a decent dude. I ate lunch wit this dude in high school! But shooting n killing an unarmed kid is justifiable. GTFOH!! He did disclose how he used too get his ass beat tho so I get the butthurt he was feelin. In a way. We still coo, at least on my end. But his thought process is all typesa frackin skewed! Smh...

  • Spacely - 9 years ago

    The worst part is giving an incorrect response because of missing the context of the original message. Never mind skimming over articles and missing the point, I've seen people try to check people on Twitter who were obviously sending joke tweets - totally missing the entire point. Then, they get embarrassed but can't back down. Just walk away from the keyboard - the beauty of anonymity is that nobody knows it was you. Don't put everything on the line to defend a tweet, especially when you know you are wrong. If your wife has to come into some online mess to defend you and pull you out, just turn in your Internet access.

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