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  • Morganne - 9 months ago

    As a vegan I respect all life, including the seperate life and body inside of a mother. I do not support abortion for any species EXCEPT in the event of a TRUE medical emergency such as an ectopic pregnancy or something equally as deadly. As a multiple time rape victim, I say it is not the fault of the unborn child so do not take it out on the unborn child by killing him or her and instead utilize services that will help you take care of yourself while pregnant and find your child a home after birth. I do NOT believe the rapist should have any legal claim over the mother or child. I also believe that a woman should NOT have to have had a child or an extensive pyschological evaluation before she can get her tubes tied or any other similar procedure. I do not believe one can truely, through and through, say there are 100% vegan lifestylers if they do not believe what I just typed. A pregnant mother is two people in one and that is truly amazing.

  • Astral Haze - 11 months ago

    When everyone agrees with each other, abortion ahould be done in my opinion whenever a fetus is definitely not sentient. However, the issue of keeping truth and similar things alive and spreading requires reproduction, as otherwise other ideas would take over. Whenever a fetus is sentient but will kill its carrier, i think they should make the choice of which of them will live. If it is sentient and the decision is between one or none surviving, one survival should be chosen.

  • Elliott - 1 year ago

    I selected 'other'.

    My veganism revolves around not needlessly killing sentient beings; or causing harm. In most situations, abortions do not kill sentient beings, although I've read compelling research which suggests sentience amongst fetuses at 20+ weeks. The abortion cut-off point in GB is 24 weeks, and I would thereby like it lowered. Hope this is useful.

  • Lesley Dove - 2 years ago

    Rena said "A important part of veganism is seeing everyone as equal, no matter their gender, color, race, or SPECIES etc. " but she forgot age, and therefore in excluding the preborn human from equality she suffers the same cognitive dissonance as meat eaters who oppose abortion! Also veganism is not about all these social justice issues anyway, it is just about not exploiting non-humans!

  • Rena - 2 years ago

    For me, I find that being vegan and prochoice both match my beliefs.
    I find a cognitive dissonance among those who are prolife and nonvegans. The reality of the world is that life is not considered to be sacred. Billions of animals are killed per year for consumption, forests and other habitats are destroyed, animals are going extinct at a rate 1000x times higher than they did before humans, etc. Yet people still eat meat; so it is clear that for most people, life is not sacred. It is human life that they consider to be sacred. And what differs human life from the lives of other animals? Some would argue it is our ability to think critically, our intelligence and our ability plan for the future. Scientists have found that it is not until the 24th week of a pregnancy that consciousness, which requires a sophisticated network of highly interconnected nerve cells, arises. So, in order for prolife meat eaters to have a consistent ideology, they should only value human life when it develops consciousness- mainly when the fetus becomes what "makes us human"/ different (in their eyes) from other animals whose lives are not valued. I do not agree with the argument that humans only have consciousness, and that only human lives are sacred. I am a vegan. Meaning that I wish to cause no suffering to any being, be it human or otherwise. But because fetuses don't have the ability to think until the 6th month, I think that it is really hypocritical for meat eaters to be prolife. How can people be okay with billions of animals suffering, and species going extinct, but not be okay with a woman deciding not to have a baby grow inside her body before the baby develops consciousness which makes the baby different from the other species which you don't care about?? They can argue all they want that "human lives are much more important," but what do they think makes human lives more important? Mainly, I think, many believe that humans lives are more important because of their higher brain functions. Well, higher brain functions don't develop until the later months of a pregnancy. So I think it is really hypocritical for a meat eater to be prolife.
    For me, I am more concerned about sentient beings that are fully aware and conscious right now. Therefore, I am a prochoice vegan. Besides, something that is really important to vegans is preserving the lives of all species. Humans are clearly not dying out- in fact, the human population is growing so rapidly, that soon the planet will barely be able to sustain all the humans, much less the other species. Many animal species are clearly dying out already because of agriculture, environmental destruction and climate change all caused by humans. All animals are at the risk of extinction because of us. Therefore, I feel a profound responsibility to care for these forgotten animals. Beings that feel and think as we do. Because of scientific evidence, I personally don't think a fetus can feel or think before the later months, so I think that life that can feel and think should be taken into consideration first, namely the woman who is making a choice feelings and life. Now, it is NOT that I find animals to be more important than humans. A important part of veganism is seeing everyone as equal, no matter their gender, color, race, or SPECIES etc. I do all I can to help fellow humans and animals. I can understand that people see animals as "lower forms of life," I once did too myself. But let us not forget that it if all ants disappeared, the ecosystem would fall into chaos. If all humans disappeared (no that I want that to happen)! the world would be rejuvenated with the life it had before humans came. What I'm trying to say is that I feel that animals and humans should both always be taken into consideration. And that sentient life that is suffering right now, namely the billions of animals being slaughtered year, seems to me to be a more urgent issue then a woman making her own personal medical decisions

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