Revealing the Pen Name

  • R.W. Ridley - 7 years ago

    Thanks everyone! I will be revealing the name as a "one time" event. Thereafter, "he" will be on his own.

  • C. Hoyt Caldwell - 7 years ago

    Just say it!

  • Laura - 7 years ago

    Ridley!! Let us know what your pen name is...but keep writing under the pen name for that type of book. Like King does "King writing as Bachman" so your readers know it's you, but they also know what to expect. We like to support our favorite authors in all their endeavors!!

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    I agree with bobbie. The pen name itself can serve as the "brand" marker, minimizing the possibility of confusion, while by letting people know who he is, he can still make it easier for the appropriate audience to check out all of his works.

  • bobbie - 7 years ago

    In my opinion, he should reveal that his penname is just that, a penname for him, but still keep the penname for the more adult-themed book & real name for younger audience book, so that ppl can tell simply by name & still keep uncomplicated

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