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Posted 6 years.


  • @B - 6 years ago

    I'm not saying that you're homophobic or anything like that...Personally I think that is a disgusting thing to be and I will not accuse someone of it without concrete proof that they truly are homophobic. However, I do think that when a person says things like "Why do you want them to be gay?" it can sometimes sound bad, especially in a forum such as this where the people reading your comment have no idea of what tone of voice you're using or know anything about you as a person. I truly hope that nobody tries to attack you for being homophobic. I'm sure that you're not at all and are a very wonderful person, I just wanted to explain why I think it sometimes sounds bad when people say things like "But why do you want them to be gay?" It's even worse sounding to me when people say things that insinuate wanting two characters to be gay or bisexual is disgusting or some other adjective like that.

    That said, I have to wonder what does it really matter? If people want to view this scene or this couple in a romantic light, what does it hurt? There's nothing wrong with being gay, since you are not a homophobic person then I am sure that this is a fact that you are well aware of. There's also nothing wrong with wanting fictional characters to be gay or bisexual. There's nothing wrong with seeing a scene like this as being romantic in nature, just as there's nothing wrong in not seeing it that way and just seeing the scene and their entire relationship as best friends/family only.

    So I would ask: Can we not just enjoy the scenes, characters, shows for whatever reason we like them and let other people do the same? Can we not just vote for whatever choice that we like best for whatever reason we want to vote for it?

    And for the record, even though I support a canon romantic relationship between Dean and Castiel with all my heart and will show my support for that whenever I can, I (sadly) do not believe that it will become canon either. However for those hopeful that it will happen, I have nothing at all against them.

    I do, however, completely agree with you that all of these lines/scenes are wonderful and deserving of winning this category.

  • B - 6 years ago

    Can we not do the whole Destiel thing? It's a fantastic line and completely broke me when I saw it, but why does everyone insist on characters being gay when they have a moment like this? That being said, I'm not homophobic in any way, shape, or form so don't even try to retaliate with that. All I'm saying is that people jump on scenes like this and turn this "best friend/family" type of love into a romantic love and convince themselves that it's going to happen (not everyone but a good enough amount). Both scenes are completely flawless, along with the others in the category, so it's really hard to make a decision. But PLEASE do not base your votes purely because of destiel.

  • Valentina - 6 years ago

    Definitely the Sam and Dean scene. I ship destiel so much it hurts...but the winchester brothers scene completely destroyed me. Yes, you get to see Sammy being sorry for what he's done...but you NEVER see him as destroyed and as vulnerable before that line. That line says it all: Just like Dean, Sammy honestly feels he's not worthy not only of love but also of life itself because he has betrayed the one person he feels the need to live up to so many times. He shows us that, to him, his worth depends on how good of a brother he's been to the man that's always been sacrificing himself over and over in his name. In this scene, we see the complicated, heart breaking, tragic yet beautiful Winchester sibling relationship.

  • FB - 6 years ago

    Sam confessing what his greatest sin was. I didn't see it coming. I really struggled through some of Sam's choices during season 8, and I felt like they were, if not forgiven, at least explored and dealt with with that last scene. Jared did an amazing job of making us FEEL how hard it was for Sam to confess his brother how much failing him had left him unworthy to his own eyes, to the point he was afraid of even trying anymore ...

  • Patty - 6 years ago

    Oh Goshh, Bones is the best in this category ^^ fuck castle and supernatural

  • Mouse - 6 years ago

    It is really hard to choose between the two lines on Supernatural. Both of them just bared their soul and were so vulnerable in these two moment. I have to choose the Dean and Cas scene because I never thought Dean would be able to say that. My mouth dropped and I cried a silent hallelujah as Castiel's blade dropped with it. Dean who repeatedly claims he doesn't need anyone other than his brother (because Sam is the only one that stays/survives) managed to finally tell his angel that he needs him too.

    As for Sam those words were a long time coming, they were a shock, they were a release. Poor Sammy always letting his big brother (some say father figure) down in his own mind. And we've seen repeated over the season that Dean can't let those moments go either. It's a family thing you forgive but you don't forget. Dean never really understood that his little jabs were truly destroying his baby brother. But of course they were because Sam has always looked up to Dean and the constant reminder of his failures and betrayals only make him doubt his worth more and more.

    (The only one that really bothers me is that they bring up Soulless Sam, that wasnt a choice. Sam didnt choose to stay in the cage.)

  • Kira M - 6 years ago

    hardest choice ever fuuuuck Jared's acting was freakin' heart wrenching and Dean's broken face and fuck cas's refusal to kill him the one time it mattered DEAD HOW CAN I CHOOSE

  • Sarah Wilkinson - 6 years ago


  • Sahlou - 6 years ago

    .....we need you....I need become canon in series 9!!!!!! ;-)

  • Kaitlyn - 6 years ago

    Ah, that line from Dean made my heart drop when I heard it! I got chills! :)

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