Third Character Popularity Poll!!!


  • kairos - 9 years ago

    i feel bad for all the characters with less votes than Enzu's Sword...

  • Halaku - 9 years ago

    YES, YES, YES F*CK IREMI AND HER CHILDISH SILLY FACE, still seeking for Edermask like a bird of prey while she treats everyone - specially Enzu - like crap. And they all nearly died because of her weakness!

    GOGO ENZU, you are the man!

  • Artemis - 9 years ago

    It asked to vote for your favorite character, not an important character. @moonnite

  • Argos - 9 years ago

    Well I'm more inclined to Enzu. His personality has changed alot since the first few chapters and his skill always leaves me wondering what his enemies do when they see it. Like the scythe duo, I wanna see their reaction now that he can use that new skill. What I really want to see is him fighting the person that killed his "predecessor" (of the skill), Time. You know, 3 - eyes.
    And yea referencing Mooninite, Enzu has alot more screen time which says that the other characters are vastly OP and the fight sequences would have to be with another OP character or against vast numbers. Enzu and the smaller characters have a higher chance of screen time and Enzu is strong enough and has weird enough skills to keep me interested.

  • Mooninite - 9 years ago

    I can't see how anyone would vote for Enzu is it because he has received more screen time it can't be on terms of skill. What about Iremi? she has some skill but when it came to her being a formidable opposition it was do to her latent skills which she has yet to master. I would put Janus, Edermask, Edan, Shadow, Huan,and,kal before them two because they are still novices. I don't like Enzus' or Iremis' personality on the other hand I can't wait to see what great things they learn and do in this Manga. I believe Iremi will be the most important part of this manga but I still can't see voting for her this early on. I voted for Time myself because I think he was put in the most dangerous situation that had a fairly detailed pic of him putting up a fight against some very formidable foes. I think the battle between Edermask and Janus was probably way more one sided in Janus's vavor to vote for either one of them.

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