What do you think is going on between Danny and his mother? (Poll Closed)

  • I think Karen isn't his real mother. (And consequently may know who and/or why the aunt was killed.)
    30 votes

  • I think Karen is his real mother, but still knows who and/or why the aunt was killed.
    22 votes

  • I think Karen killed the aunt.
    14 votes

  • Nothing. Danny is just resentful over the fact she hasn't always been a great mother and is having a hard time adjusting to living with a parent again.
    36 votes

  • Other
    3 votes

Posted 6 years.

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  • Kristen Buhl - 6 years ago

    I'm starting to think that Tess is Danny's real mother. He always makes comments about how he loves Jo like a sister..and we know that Tess and Vikram had a thing in High School. maybe Tara knew that and that's what she was going to use to screw up the whole family, so Danny killed her to make sure their families weren't both ruined. Only Danny's family was affected by the murder instead of Jo's family getting involved in the whole situation

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