Car Clash: 2013 Malibu vs. 2014 Malibu

Poll choices

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    I forgot to mention, my 14 has the auto-stop feature, which I'm torn on. I hate that the car shuts off when it's really hot out and in turn almost shuts off the air.

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    I have owned both a 13 and a 14 Malibu. Personally I like the 14 better. I like the fact that the 14 has a real hand brake and not a switch. As far as the sun glass storage compartment, I liked it. However, the 14 has the plenty of storage behind the stereo. So you don't really need the space above.

  • mousa - 6 years ago

    2013 the best

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    Why did they remove the sunglasses holder? The 2013 looked better but not by much and they didn't even address the poor design of the rump of this thing. GM seems to be going backwards sometimes.

  • billo campbell - 7 years ago

    i just don't like the hand break change,
    i l;iked the console in the 2013 much better
    and they should have left the sun glass holder in the overhead console

  • Mark S - 7 years ago

    As opposed to the Camaro, the C7 Corvette, and even the 2014 Impala, this design is hideous, whether given a "facelift" or not. It looks even worse on the road. A "neither" button should have been part of the poll. Although I'm not a big Ford fan, the current Ford Fusion is beautiful and proves that this size vehicle need not be dowdy. (Ignore the current misshapen Lincoln MKZ, though.)

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