What Did You Think Fashion Worn By Last Night's BET Awards Show Attendees & Performers?

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  • Fay - 7 years ago

    As a woman of faith, I am going to go what the Bible says about modest apparel. However, I believe this is the reason why this Pastor wanted to marry a woman who he knew would have the tendancy to dress like this. I am not taking anything away from Meagan as a person but there is a standard when it comes to representing Christ and displacing your cleavage isn't one of them. To me it this truly demonstrates the mind set of most men in church when it comes to marriage - They make choices out of their flesh and not out of the Spirit.

  • GT - 7 years ago

    Megan Good is not saved. If she was she would know that a "saved woman" does not dress indecently nor would expose her body lot a harlot. I don't see any modest about her dress, and she certainly is not dressed like a woman professing godliness.

    It does matter whether her husband has a church or not, I certainly would not want her as my first lady because she is not going to change her look over night, and she would be a disgrace to any Christian church. If she is really "Saved" she should be changed and reborn, and Her husband knew what she dressed like before he married her, and if he really abides by the Word of God, if he is really saved, he knew he was not even suppose to be married to her anyway because, God's word tells us (Christians) (is he a Christian) "not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers." If she is really a believer she must not be reading God's Word and she definitely is not in agreement with God's Word because, God tells us in his Word about how a "saved" woman should dress. God's word says, "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel . . . ; 10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works."

    Meagan's dress is vulgar, and her husband should be ashamed of her.

  • Ahmesha - 7 years ago

    I read the comments left by Meagan Goode and as I expected she tried to justify her attire. There are so many scriptures to address this issue and the initial issue of was she ready to be a preacher's wife. So many wives are not understanding that they have to model what their husbands are preaching. The Bible teaches us that we must live in this world but not be "of" this world. There are many sexy yet tasteful dresses she could have worn. It does not take much for Meagan Goode because she is a beautiful woman with an impeccable shape. The dress she wore weakens her witness as a Christian; it says Pole-dancer not First Lady. As the Man of God, her husband should have expressed his disdain and she would not have had to address the concerns. She must read her Bible to understand why Christians have an issue with her dress.
    I love her as an actress and beautiful woman but she must remember her calling!

  • Kendra - 7 years ago

    That's not sexy it provocative (nasty) and that's why young girls think that its okay to dress like trash. Grand Momma always said leave something for the imagination but today everything is out in the open and nothing is left for anyone to imagine when you are exposing EVERYTHING!!! Sexy doesn't mean revealing, it means class and respect for yourself and the ones you love. It's sad that this is what sexy has come down to. My belief is if you have been blessed with it it will show whether you have have on loose clothes or tight ones, covered up or just letting it all hang out. To be married to a Pastor (she shouldn't have to wait for him to get a church, whether he has one or not) Titus gives a clear example of what is suppose to be taught, Older women to teach the younger women to chase, keepers of the home, etc. READ THE WORD BUT BEING MARRIED TO A PASTOR DOES NOT MAKE HER SAVED OR A CHRISTIAN!!!!

  • T Chin - 7 years ago

    Bottom line up front: The Preacher love the freak inside his wife. He has the best of both worlds. She conforms to the world therefore her dress style represent the sexiness that appeals to the world. Lust feeds the flesh, sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc...

    A true Christian know a lady of class and elegance will always be sexy in the eyes of the behold. This love or sexiness does not boast or feed the world, the title or position of authority.

  • Pinkdiamond - 7 years ago

    The woman is saved, so is her husband, their not dead this is a time where you live your life out loud, in the Church it's called come as your are she is a actress it is her job to keep up her appearance. She has been doing this for a longtime like Friday Chris Tucker and Ice Cube the little girl that say's Man I Hate Him, it is no one to put another in their place about what to wear when our husband is a Pastor before she married him he was a Pastor, while dating her she has always been an actress, and I am pretty sure that once he gets his own Church (I don't know if he has one now..only assuming) his beautiful wife will take her place at his side and be the first lady God and her husband has called her to be. But for now Megan honey make that money and keep your sexy.

    May Blessings

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    As a saved woman, there is such as thing as integrity. By showing your nakedness, how is this edifying the body of Christ. Sexy should be kept in he bedroom with your spouse. You can be attractive in the body such as the virtuous woman as explained in Prov 31:10. Much love no hate for Megan, she is a beautiful person.

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