How satisfied were you with a proximal row carpectomy?


  • Anthony M Caruso - 2 years ago

    My surgeon performed this procedure without my consent. I was supposed to have ligament re-attachment surgery this procedure was not even discussed as an option. In my opinion DO NOT HAVE THIS DONE, MORE PAIN LESS ROM THAN PRIOR TO SURGERY. I would like to do this procedure on the butcher who did this to me, so he will know that he has to live with a 25% wrist. And of course there is no legal recourse!!!!!!

  • Saras Ganapathy - 3 years ago

    I've just had the PRC done 15 days ago and had been worrying about how much mobility I would have and how soon. The stage bye stage videos have been very encouraging.

  • Tanya Wolf - 5 years ago

    5 yrs ago. Very satisfied.I am a massage therapist, regained all of my strength and most of my ROM. The surgery pain was nothing compared to how bad my hand had gotten. I took 1 pain pill. As.long as you keep it elevated that is pretty much most the battle. My Dr also shaved my radial bone so I would have more ROM with no pinching.
    I am still doing massage ,I have cut back how many over time . I am 58

  • liesa24 - 6 years ago

    I had PRC 5 years ago and am very happy with ROM, I have full use of my hand & wrist. I do have a aching feeling often but wouldn't trade it for the results that I have had!

  • Glenn Bateman - 7 years ago

    I am a 67 yr old male and retired, but I live in a very active retirement community in Florida. I have dealt with the pain for a few years, but this year I was having bunion surgeries so I thought I would get the PRC done and do everything together. After 3 months I am very dissatisfied with the lack of range of motion, pain in my wrist, lack of strength in my hand, as well being unable to close all of my fingers into a fist. Before the surgery I was able to do many sports as well as work around the house without restrictions, there was periodic pain but it was bearable. If I had to do it over again I would wait for the surgery, continue my active lifestyle, and enjoy my full range of motion.

  • Mary - 8 years ago

    I had PRC due to a diagnosis of Kienbock's disease. It took 2 years to get that diagnosis, so it had progressed to stage 3b of 4. The actual PRC and subsequent recovery were not bad (I apparently have a very high tolerance for pain!), but I never recovered much movement or strength in the wrist, and pain and athritis soon followed. Grip strength has always been pretty good, both pre and post op. Only 2 years later, I am looking at fusion and hope to be more pain free. Since I don't have much movement and/or use of the wrist, I guess I am looking for less pain and accept the fusion as my lot in life. ????

  • Eileen Jankowiak - 9 years ago

    Peter where did you get that round apparatus for finger exercises

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