Should the teen have been charged for making a sarcastic threat on Facebook?

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Posted 6 years.


  • Don - 6 years ago

    30. Years ago no , most likely just B/S
    Today Yes , people are different and not in a good way .

  • Frances - 6 years ago

    I absolutely believe he should be punished. I'm not saying give the young MAN 10 years,but this is not an issue to joke about!!! No one can say for sure if his comment was "sarcastic" or not. What about the school shootings that have happened? Some people didn't believe it was gonna happen and now look at the suffering the families and friends are going thru!!! This is not a joking matter and should not be taking as one!!

  • Henry E. Webster - 6 years ago

    Yes and no. Charged, sure. $500,000 bond? Good For the record, he's not a child as some would like to say. He's an 18/19 year old idiot, who probably spends more time playing video games and making idiotic comments online, than he does going to school. Also, just because you say 'lol' or 'j/k' after something, doesn't make it okay for you to say it. "I'll effin kill you, you mother' or.. 'I'll effin kill/rape your wife and kids..j/k' It's not funny, and it is a threat. I doubt he'll go to prison, nor do I ultimately think he should, as I doubt he actually meant to do harm to any kids, but he's clearly a moron and Dad needs to take a long hard look at how he has done his job over the last 19 years. I guarantee he's learned a hard lesson.

  • jean - 6 years ago

    its always a joke when u get into trouble.. what he wrote was wrong and now hes paying for it.if the police did nothing about what he posted and he actualy did it then everone would be blameing the police. there have been to many school shootings to post something like that and expect people to believe its only a joke..

  • emily - 6 years ago

    Yes, because what he said was inappropriate. He daid he was going to shoot the school and watch them bleed and eat their still beating hearts! That was wrong! That was no joke and he need a lot of help

  • Olga - 6 years ago

    I truly believe children play around...that is no reason to arrest a child...maybe have them evaluated and see if counseling is needed to help them to vent their anger as well as disciplining to make them understand that we are living in a era that we must watch what we say and how we say it because the government is looking over our shoulders...for our own safety as well as our children....I also believe that the Government should band some violent games as well as parents monitor what your children are doing on line....

  • allie - 6 years ago

    yes hes nasty and should be in there for a nother month

  • vonnye - 6 years ago

    yes becuase that isnt really a joke and how that was nasty but he didnt do it

  • Johnny Guido - 6 years ago

    This is more than a little over reaction by the authorities. Yes, to investigating concerns about any social threat. However, if there is no subsequent justification for further action, drop it and move on! What a waste in man-power and time and money to say nothing about the obvious social, economic and emotional expense to the "victuns" of this in-justice.

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