Name My Dog

  • Michele Turley Quinn - 9 years ago

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of Molly. I had to put in my vote for Pepper, because Pepper Turley was my brother (1950-1980). No one ever called him anything other than Pepper his whole life, as he shared the given name of Pearson with our father. If your pup is full of spice with a big heart like my brother was, then Pepper she is, whatever name you choose. Best wishes to YOUR Turley family.

  • Ken pharr - 9 years ago

    Jonathan - she's beautiful. If she were mine I'd name her Tallaluh and call her Tally or Lu. Happy for you guys, life's too short to not have dogs!!

  • Darlyn - 9 years ago

    Congratulations on your soon to arrive family member; quite adorable! Since the listed choices seem to indicate you like the Mollie sound [two syllables], I wonder if you might like one of these to pay honor to your first dear dog, with...Blessing or Echo or Ditto...which, as each are unique in and of themselves, would offer a sweetly cadence and poignancy...identity as you get acquainted with the new pup's personality and depending, might have to tweak whatever the name, a little. After Mollie's presence and passing has surely impressed upon all the absolute authenticity of an 'eternal bond' in both life and heart, may the new kid on the block soon prompt just as much joy and loyal companionship to your eager to love again family. As devoted mom to Brandle Irene [14] and Tanner Ocean [8] I extend every best wish to all. :-)

  • Jgauley - 9 years ago

    How about "Goodle" for your golden doodle?

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