Which Dress Do You Prefer?

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  • Parker - 6 years ago

    Such fun seeing options...you look lovely in both!

  • Cori - 11 years ago

    Dress #1 is perfect for you! A simple sweater and you are good to go for church or school!

    Question... I am in need of ideas/direction for a refashion project currently on my table.
    I love the fabric, but not the tent that the dress currently resembles. Would you or your
    readers be interested in sending some suggestions my way? I'll be happy to post a photo
    of the item in question. Thank you and happy refashioning!

  • Cary - 11 years ago

    I vote the Betty Draper since that's what I would wear but I must say you look best with the Joan dress.

  • Cheryl - 11 years ago

    First of all, you are so creative and extremely talented, love what you have done!!!! The first does look very flattering. But....the second one is a cute style, just my need some adjustments at the shoulder to wear it off shoulder. You have such a cute figure, you can easily wear the shorter style too. Love the yellow shoes, and matching belt. Where did you get yellow shoes?!

  • Wendi - 11 years ago

    The first dress is much more flattering!

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