Was Lupe Fiasco Out of Line With His Graduation Speech?


  • Da Kc Stork - 10 years ago

    He was dead wrong. He is like the drunk aunt that spills all the beans at the Reunion. Man, let these lil niggas have they day. It is sad to say but for many in that crowd it will be the only graduation that they will have in their lifetime. It may be the only time that the kids get a chance to be recognized for seeing something all the way through. It really angers me that he would use this time to say some dumb shit in the name of Twitter hits probably. Fucking Hippie ass moon cricket.

  • Jmpoff178 - 10 years ago

    Yes he was wrong!, and I hope his career burns in hell! "Sam Jackson voice"

  • ProfessLCH - 10 years ago

    He continues to disgust.

  • Mudslinger - 10 years ago

    Who the fuck expects anything different from Mr. Fiasco? The people who voted yes are either jokesters or are mentally handicapped.

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