Do you agree with the decision to change Port Townsend High School’s nickname from Redskins?

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Poll posted 6 years ago.


  • Native American - 6 years ago

    I voted "yes" because of the racism implied by the name. However, those who claim indians are unfairly being singled out by "demeaning" mascots are simply wrong. What about the Boston Celtics? Boston is heavily Irish!

  • Think about it - 6 years ago

    who would be offended if they change it to port townsend honkys ..

  • Invisible Mikey - 6 years ago

    It's not just the name, which is offensive even though it wasn't chosen with that in mind. It's also the historically dismissive mascot and logos featuring the plains Indian stereotype made popular through movies. We've had several different kinds of tribal inhabitants here in Port Townsend for thousands of years, and none of them ever dressed or looked remotely like those Hollywood Indians. We have rich traditions we could be celebrating instead of imitating the "woo woo yip yip" parodies of native culture.

  • Native American - 6 years ago

    It offends me.

  • Native American - 6 years ago

    It offends me.

  • Bill - 6 years ago


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