Are You Going To Be Okay With No Rod and Karen For A Week?

  • Undocumented Haitian - 9 years ago

    Y'all have been working like immigrants and needed a break...I'm sure INS was looking into your status.

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    Oh no I offended you...which means yall aint never gonna come back and its alll my fault! *Intervention cry* AHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm sorry we sorry! Take as much time as you need but please come back baby baby please come back. What will I do without my Rodren huh? I will cease to live *Slave cry* LAAAWWWDDDDD!
    *Luther Vandross voice*
    A room is still a room
    Even if no one is in there
    But a PHOOONNNE is not smart
    And a computer can't compute
    If new Rodren is not in there
    I'm still in love
    With you
    *Real tears*
    Seriously tho Rodren Ima miss yall and I think I'm done going through grieving process. So I think I'm good now. And you know my arms are wide open for you in your return.
    XOXO (for real)
    Miss Krysable

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    You better not go anywhere! Tomorrow if I don't see any new content up...I'm getting the belt and knocking it up side yall heads with the camera and the Spreecast going just so I can have something to watch and listen to for the day. Hopefully that will bring about enough inspiration to cut this little trip short or we can do it again and again until you get it through your heads that yall not allowed to take vacations!
    What will the white people say huh? "Only in America where non working Negros can take a break on their podcast smh shiftless Nigglets". Yall don't want to embarrass us in front of company do you? Well do you? You know this is why we aint free cuz yall over here taking breaks and what not! How bout this how bout you just tape yall selves watching Love and Hip Hop ATL or video tape Karen eating a burger or Rod just live tweet Mad Men with your mouth and camera going huh?

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    Hold up wait a minute....I mean seriously tho... You mean to tell me that after getting us all used to 5 days worth of free content and awesome premium content I had to rob cheat and steal to get is not going to be here for a WHOLE week? You mean to tell me I broke up with my sweet baby NPR just for yall to desert me during my time of need? Are you serious? HUH?

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    I mean seriously tho, why would anyone be mad after paying an extra $15 a month just for a jobless black dude and his super sassy black wife to not produce nothing for a whole week...We good!
    XOXO, Miss Krysable

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    Wait whaaa! Folks is mad yall taking a break??? Those selfish bastards! Yall go on out there, get your relax on, go and not make babies, chill do you over and over again. We good over here! :-) ;-)

  • Charles S. - 9 years ago

    This will be the most unpopular comment but the THOUGHT of doing anythang seven days a week makes me tired. Get that break in. I wanna go Premium ASAP.

    Thanks Much Dynamic Duo

  • YourHoodLawyer - 9 years ago

    I started going through withdrawal as soon as y'all announced the vacation but y'all deserve a break. I'll just entertain myself with the premium episodes that I haven't listened to yet. Thank goodness for that.

  • Mr Moses Johnson III (@dafollower8633) - 9 years ago

    I would prefer you two to not be human, opting instead for some sort of podcast cyborgs programmed to unflinchingly deliver sweet TBGWT goodness. With that being said, I acknowledge your humanity and therefore must bide my time while you recharge, but only with this caveat: That the two of you return recharged and ready to send our spirits sailing once again no and forever more (at least until you take another well-deserved break.) With that I bid you a hearty Florida farewell #OhFLoridaMyFlorida!

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