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Should the FCA & The AIM Regulation Teams immediately suspend SEFTON RESOURCES? (Poll Closed)


  • Freddie Mackey - 9 years ago

    No one cares about UK Investors dummy dan. We just love ripping muppets like you off. Sefton are masters at it. Jims a star in the City of London for getting cash out of Numpties like you! Pmsl. There's no oil in Tapia, eureka or Kansas. We've known it for years ahahhahah! ahahhahaha! ahahhahhaha!

  • PhanTom shitter - 9 years ago
    My my my DeLIar You can read the latest scandal on my Sefton Zombie advfn web site.

    Sefton zombies. Beware one bite and you're infected! LOL!

  • Cosmo - 9 years ago

    I voted No. Reasons below.

    If they get suspended then we lose every thing. Not a fan of yours Dan but admire your true grit & integrity.

    Yes Sefton are a basket case. Yes they are in debt, have no cash flow & need constant placings to stay solvent but we do have an estimated 3.5 million barrels of oil. That's got to be worth some thing.
    A new management team could transform us. Sad to say but Jim has basically been caught out selling & telling more porkies than a pig farmer. Not a fan of Jim either. He should have went years ago. I believe he's the single biggest drawback & liability. Has been for years. He wont go as he's addicted to the fees and wages he's paying himself. It isn't cheap living in Paradise.

  • Tony - 9 years ago

    Do what you are paid for please Bob? Isn't that what he's doing exposing this lot? I for one welcome the fact that I have been given the heads up. I nearly sunk some dosh in here at 1.15p. Thanking my lucky stars that Dan & MR TW exposed them. Saved my bacon from a lot of pain.

    Besides Dan doesn't get paid. His site is free although you have to go through a selection process that is awfully slow.

    Come on BMD get my app sorted.

    Good luck for the court case same to Tom.

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    This is getting really boring Dan. Do what you are paid for please.

  • I sold up a long time ago . Sunny Jim from Hawaii. - 9 years ago

    Sold up long time ago. Sunny Jim from Hawaii? Nuff said. Dan Nuff said.

  • Jane (tradergirl) - 9 years ago

    Keep fighting Daniel. Most know you and TW will come out on top.

  • Mike Jones - 9 years ago

    It's greed Dan. How can you give this Ellerton any more time? 13 bloody years & he's still singing the same tune. The sp has basically gone to zero from 95pence.He's rotten to the core. The whole company are on the fiddle.

    I hope you read this Jim Ellerton if I ever bump into you I want my money back you bent bustard!

  • Jim Philp - 9 years ago

    Well Daniel, you have been wrong before! but I think and hope for your sake you are right this time, so I have voted yes.

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