Will You Watch Or Boycott The "Preacher's Of L.A." Reality Show This Fall?


  • La La - 9 years ago

    Why are we so quick to boycott this show and not boycott Real Housewives of Atlanta? Perhaps we are afraid of what we may see -- ourselves. We should NOT JUDGE, lest we are judged. They are people just like us, with challenges, fears and issues who want to share. I wished they had included a female pastor as well. We are quick to talk about other people's wealth until we find ourselves in a position of wealth. What if you experienced "and suddenly" type financial blessing? We should really be careful how we judge people (saved and unsaved). We are so busy looking at the outside while God is concerned with the inside. SMH...

  • ReeRee - 9 years ago

    This is a very bad idea. With all the reality shows on television, the editing done will do nothing, but humiliate these ministers of the gospel and bring shame to God's name. There is no reason for them to do a show. They already have successful ministries, there's no reason for this new venture. This seems like it's leading to a greed and pride - stroking their egos rather than glorifying God's name. I don't think I will watch this.

  • Michael - 9 years ago

    You know saved individuals or who we call (the saints) sometimes dont make any sense! We expect those of us who do have a call on our lives to be perfect (phony). As long as we are in this flesh we will be tempted by it an sometimes fall to it.(wheather we announce it or not!) Yes we should live our lives different from those who hasnt accepted Christ into their lives but just as they bleed so do we. God has called all of us to be disciples (which is to spread his life changing word) but does that make us not want the finer things in life? Absolutely not. most of us in the body of Christ are so use to wearing masks that we dont even know who we really are. If those that arent saved ( havent repented of their sins an accept Jesus in) see us prospering in a positive way..wouldnt one think to themselves wow how did they get this type of lifestle? Yes they would which will be a great opportunity to introduce them to the one that gave us these things. Come on saints lets open our mind an think ministry..so what these preachers are wealthy..its between them an God not us. Im actually happy that God chose to bless my brothers in this way..The bottom line is..Lets up lift these men..

  • Lessita Fears - 9 years ago

    These men are not representatives of the Most High God - or they would not participate in such a vile portrayal of their "human" lives. We should all realize they are not God(s), and that we all are human, but they are "called" to represent a lifestyle that is DIFFERENT from the world. Why would you compare yourself to those that don't proclaim to know God? (PDiddy, Jayz and the like) They have not been "called out" to be the leaders of God's people. Have they forgotten IPeter 2:9? We aren't supposed to be living such "prosperous" lives and flaunting it over the people they shepherd. How dare they? Have they stopped to consider that they are promoting a "better than" just because they are the pastor - and God is not "prospering" all believers in such a manner. To quote scripture out of context is a liability I don't believe they can pay. But, they do one thing well... and that is to prove God's Word true - for the Word says that in the last days "..men will become lovers of themselves.."

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