Is it right for Jennifer Lopez to peform for dictators and corrupt businessmen?

Posted 6 years.


  • Terry Walker - 6 years ago

    She is just a performer. I think it is a good thing if she does takes money away from bad people. That way, they will not be able to do bad things with it.

  • Cassandra - 6 years ago

    Sure that's fine if Jennifer Lopez was keeping a low profile, and just doing a job, but she's all out in the media, with her name on everything from phone stores for Latinos, executive producer of TV shows, clothing and perfume line, singer, actress, trying to conquer the world and getting richer and richer by putting her name on everything, as if she wants to help people, and being a stone hypocrite by lip-singing for dictators and crooks, yet claiming to be Mrs. Innocent. That is where it becomes a problem with her.

  • evelyn pucci - 6 years ago

    Why are people outraged at this , Jennifer is not doing anything wrong, she sings she performs this is how she makes her money, and alot of it, i think this is about a latin women making more money then most people in hollywood, this is called jealousy. I bet it would be fine if she made sex videos, like Kim K. then that would be fine cause she has no talent at all and she gets a lot of money for sucking d--k on videos, SHAME ON YOU,,,

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