If Trayon were White and Zimmerman were Black, would the verdict have panned out how it did on July 13th

  • Its Unjustified Homicide - 8 years ago

    Nothing went wrong? Zimmerman was walking back to his car when he was attacked? Seriously? Zimmerman exited his vehicle armed with a weapon. Trayvon Martin was profiled, stalked & killed based on one man's interpretation of what criminals look like. "They always get away." If race wasn't a factor, who is "they"? How is self defense claimed when Zimmerman pursed Trayvon? When is the aggressor eligible to claim self defense? Only in Florida where the victim is a defenseless 17 year old black male.

  • Diane - 8 years ago

    I think if Trayon was just walking down the street and not breaking in anyone's home or car or messing with anyone in the neighborhodd why was Zimmerson messing with him. Zimmerson should have just watched him walk down the street If Trayon did something . Zimmerman then should have called 911 right away Ziimmerman was in fault He wasn't a police. He took matters in his own hands. I feel he is guilty God wil take care of it in time. What goes around will come around again

  • Unbiased - 8 years ago

    If George Zimmerman's name was Malik Brown would there have been so much media coverage? Nobody...I mean NOBODY outside of Illinois is even covering all the murders in Chicago. The president hasn't said that any of the black kids in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore or DC would look like his son if he had one. Because this case happened in Florida (rich with electoral college votes) in an election year the Prez stepped in and so did Reverend Al (Tawana Brawley says hi). Meanwhile, Aaron Hernandez killed an unarmed black man, will the media refer to Hernandez as a "white Hispanic"? Will they even care about the case?

  • FL Law Student - 8 years ago

    Nothing went wrong. Based on Florida law the verdict was correct. It wasn't against the law for Zimmerman to get out of his car, plus he was walking back to his car when Martin attacked him...self defense. The FBI investigated Zimmerman and found no evidence in his past that he's a racist. Alot of people want to see race in this case but as the saying goes: "there is no there, there."

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