How Many Times Do YOU Cook Dinner Each Week?


  • James Leonard - 11 years ago

    I can cook and bake, but Barbara likes to do it so I am a once in a while cook and baker..........I have been told I am pretty good, but not ready for Chef Ramsey Yikes :)

  • Shauna - 11 years ago

    Now that I'm staying home from coaching & teaching high school, I actually like to cook. Hated it before b/c I had a hard time balancing everything once I got home. I cook every night now. No processed foods for us anymore!! It's been such a blessing to be able to cook my family real food.

  • Barbara Leonard - 11 years ago

    I cook pretty much every night. I do love to eat out now and then though, and most Fridays we eat at our friends' house. :)

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