Should Flag Burning Be Outlawed In The US?


  • HC - 10 years ago

    It's your right to burn the flag, but it doesn't mean it's a good idea. I was against the Trayvon protesters burning the flag, not because I care so much about the flag itself, but because people can't wait to change the subject and get distracted. We just saw it with Paula Deen's hostile workplace charges getting flipped into a discussion about rappers using the n word. I'm surprised Obama wasn't asked about some unruly niggas burning the flag instead of the case. If they had to burn a flag, burn the Florida state flag. They've had it coming for a while. But on a larger point, the subject of patriotism is interesting regarding the black community. I'm of the belief that the black community is just as patriotic as white America, if not more. The main people yelling about patriotism have this belief that loving America means you don't criticize America. And typically, they're the ones who have kids running around in public raising hell, because that's also their strategy for raising their children. Black America knows the country is far from perfect, and pointing that out doesn't make you love it less. We know the history of Jesse Owens and Joe Louis carrying the weight of America's hopes against Germany at the height of Hitler's power, only to come home and not be able to eat in the same restaurant as whites. Or World War 1 soldiers coming home from victory and getting lynched while still in uniform. So we know that patriotism is far more than keeping some cloth from being burned.

  • Da Kc Stork - 10 years ago

    I burn a Confederate Flag every morning to get my day started.

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