Plans for passenger flights at Paine Field appear dead, at least for now. What is your reaction?
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  • zehawksfan - 9 years ago

    What's really disappointing aside from no deal at Paine Field is the demands allegent air made (didn't want to shell out any money). What do they think they are "BOEING"? I fly allegent out of Bellingham and it would be a lot closer to have it based at Paine Field. Perhaps calmer heads will come out and discuss this like real business people instead of making absurd demands on a place where the taxpayers in the area already don't want more airplane traffic. Of course you've gotta laugh at that excuse. Paine Field has been here since WWII. None of these homes existed. They all bought homes in this area full well knowing there was an airport and it would be a matter of time (years) that the traffic there would increase.

    Oh well.

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