Do you believe in life after death?


  • Amir - 9 years ago

    I have translated some of the western NDEs to Farsi if you are interested. It can be found on:

  • Maria Mulligan - 10 years ago

    I have never been able to convince myself in the reality of life after death. I lost my mother and father and have no reason to believe they are anything but dead. It just feels like too much like wishful thinking to me.

  • Jackie - 10 years ago

    Yes totally

  • anewbeliever - 10 years ago

    I wasn't a believer 100%, i always had some doubts, until my brother recently passed and started contacting me through dreams and other strange occurrences. Things that could have no explanation other than true spiritual contact.

  • ron - 10 years ago

    You'll never know about such stuff as NDEs until you've been there and done that. Free. Keeping you all in ignorance of the eternality of consciousness is one of the terrestrial cultural control freaks most effective restraints.

  • Ali - 10 years ago

    The question of whether there is life after death does not fall under the jurisdiction of science, as science is concerned only with classification and analysis of sense data. Moreover, man has been busy with scientific inquiries and research, in the modern sense of the term, only for the last few centuries, while he has been familiar with the concept of life after death since time immemorial.
    All the Prophets of God called their people to worship God and to believe in life after death. They laid so much emphasis on the belief in life after death that even a slight doubt in it meant denying God and made all other beliefs meaningless.

  • nes - 10 years ago

    Yes I always believe in heaven and of course there's a Life out there after we die, I have no intention of dying without any afterlife and such... that will be such a waste... God is always great, he'll be there forever!

  • FreeFromAgod - 10 years ago

    Like I believe in Big Foot and the Tooth Fairy. It's unbelievable in this day and age that people hold on to such nonsense as a afterlife and a god. Death is something that happens to everything in the universe. Oh wait I see a's my great-grandma and she's trying to tell me something ....what's that? You were murdered by a bright light? I should tell everyone what? Not to look at the light?
    Darn...I think she had more to tell me but she tripped and fell through the floor. If she comes back I'll get more info and let you know what she said.

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