Putting the Saints 9th in the PFT preseason power rankings is

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Posted 6 years.


  • Louis Champagne - 6 years ago

    God Bless Mr. Benson but he needs to realize to loosen up on those purse strings is the next step to making the Saints one of those Ultra elite teams competeing for the Super Bowl every single year. We already place dred in teams when they have to play us we need some elites on defense to make us perenial giants!

  • Lee - 6 years ago

    Saints at 9..... Is this a joke? They are not even top 9 in the NFC!

  • Bobby Batey - 6 years ago

    Well I am a Saints fan so you know i'll go with the top 5 ....

  • Errol Allen - 6 years ago

    Saints should be in the top five I say as well Matt Calhoun. We will make believers out of them again! We had nothing going for us last year and the years before. And we still beat teams that people say we would not beat. And then we had no head coach. And still did damage. They can talk about our defense all they want. But all we need is an ok defense and we are dangerous. Not a awesome defense I said ok and people will shut their mouth fast. Believe or not we are the team to beat and it will be proven!!! WHO DAT!!

  • Matt Calhoun - 6 years ago

    Saints should be in top 5

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