What do you think is the heart of your shop?

  • Anthony Massey - 8 years ago

    I always wonder why more people don't see lighting as the heart of the shop. Lighting is such an important contributor for successful projects.

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    When I'm in furniture mode it's my workbench, other times it's the lathe - wood turning is almost a totally different hobby.

  • Paul in Oz - 8 years ago

    My workbench is always covered in tools. The table saw has to be clear to use (safely) so I do much of my assembly on the table saw and out-feed table. (Oh, Eric, I'm winning the lottery tomorrow.)

  • Eric Rusch - 8 years ago

    I'm so squished in my shop, the most important place is anywhere I can fit...
    That is all going to get fixed...when I hit the lottery...

  • Lou - 8 years ago

    My workbench serves as an outfeed for my table saw so they are both the heart of my shop.

  • rillbizi - 8 years ago

    My most important space is the space I do not have. I'm totally pressed for floor & wall space.

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