My going away in the middle of my 100 posts;

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  • albertine - 9 years ago

    Hi there matey
    I suggest you invent a bedtime ritual all your own. Here's a possible sequence to modify at will.
    1. double whisky (if no whisky ask Mrs 23 to bring some duty-free) or equiv while sitting in armchair.
    2. Go to bed with last of the whisky and an intellectual book (perhaps Montaigne's essays?)
    3. Read and and a half chapters
    4. Put down book, specs, glass on table beside bed.
    5. Lie on right side contemplating information gained from book. Under no circumstances think about the blog.
    6. Lie on left side, thinking up names for any new offspring - whether planned or accidental.
    Still not asleep?
    OK - this one is foolproof -
    7. Attempt to name all nine Muses
    Asleep yet?
    8. OK - get up and drink a camomile tea while reading more Montaigne. Relish the silence.

    repeat moves 5-7 incl.

    Try to remember that sleep is not essential - you are bigger than this.

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