How should we spend the controversial $52-million tax surplus?

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  • D. Schuh - 6 years ago

    The money needs to be used in flood prevention. The government has no will to do problem solving. They are dealing with the symptoms of the flooding. Our City will flood again and each time it will be worst because the dams are filling higher with silt. This time the Glenmore dam was 50% filled with silt prior to the flooding. We need new dams and the dredging of our rivers and the Glenmore. The only thing that is happening, because of the individual flood mitigation steps required in the flooded communities, is the homes of the flooded will have different contents during the next flooding. The new contents will be more toxic, volunteers will not be able to assist in clean-up, we will require hazmat teams to remove the new toxic materials. We need to put our efforts and money into preventing future flooding. Past studies were done. It is time to use them. We need to make it safe to live in Calgary and other Alberta communities.

  • Ken - 6 years ago

    I see some people still do not realize the "Facts" regarding Flood Recovery. The Provincial as well as the Federal Governments are required to cover the cost of flood damage, even if you have insurance that covers some of it, they are still obligated to cover the remainder.

    Regarding the $52 Million this year and $52 Million each year after this, Nenshi has never, nor will he ever state that he will reverse the "Tax Roll" once his little "Pet Projects" are completed, he will just then use the excuse of some other reason to keep it.

    Why has Nenshi not contacted the Federal Government and asked them exactly what they are going to cover? He scratches out "Rough" figures and miraculously comes up with $100 Million dollars...amazing isn't it.

    This money was initially meant for "EDUCATION" if it is not going to be used for the reason it was collected from taxpayers, then it should be given back to the tax payers who payed it, there is no other choice.

    The City of Calgary was initially instructed to collect this money for the Provincial Government, then the Provincial Government told the City of Calgary they did not require the city to collect it any longer. So what does the City of Calgary do? They collect it anyways, not only this year, but have every intention of continuing to collect it even after being told by the Provincial Government that they do not require the city to do so.

    This is no different than the Federal Government saying they do not require businesses to collect GST any longer, and businesses continue to collect it anyways, and use the money for whatever reason they so desire.

    Once this $52 Million dollars is placed on the "Tax Roll" it will not be removed, so if we do the quick math on it, it is $520 MILLION DOLLARS after ten years, and $1.04 BILLION DOLLARS over 20 years. Think of it that way people, not as a measly 52 million dollars.

    The City also has a $295 Million dollar "Rainy Day Fund". Well Calgary had much more than a rainy day, so why is Nenshi not using this money for any flood related things the Provincial Government wont???? What is a "Rainy Day Fund" for, if it's not for such an event as this???

    The City of Calgary also has 46 different "Funds" that hold collectively $1.383 BILLION DOLLARS. Each of these funds are basically the same as the "Rainy Day Fund" they are not at present allocated to anything other than the division of the City that holds the money.

    It's time all you people who believe that the city should keep this money, to remember, these are POLITICIANS, and if you wave a five dollar bill in front of their face, they are going to try anything they can to take it away from you. Also, some where down the road, all of the taxes we presently pay are going up because of this flood, Provincially as well as Federally.

    The City of Calgary, Nenshi especially has to do the right thing and quit lying to the tax payers and GIVE THIS MONEY BACK.....

  • Andreas - 6 years ago

    To me this is a really basic and simple decision; give it back to the tax payers. I have seen no reason presented that justifies spending this tax money and next years too for a total of $104M on flood recovery when the province and Ottawa together will foot the whole bill.
    It makes absolutely no sense to me. Just give the money back to us and let us use it the way we see fit. The city will surely get some tax back on the money spent and I'm sure many home owners whose money this really is, are part of the many who'll need help but wouldn't see a dime of it if it's done through the city for flood recovery.
    Just give it back already, this "consultation" needs to stop now as it's costing us more for every day it goes on. Good initiative to consult us to begin with but now it has to come to an end with the tax payers getting their money back.

  • gerzy - 6 years ago

    flood recovery costs for those too poor to have insurance. to rebuild not to have roof and not depend on hand outs.

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