Do You Think The MLK Hoodie Image Is Offensive?


  • T. Baker - 8 years ago

    Oh please.....because ppl change, if Dr. King were alive, I all the way believe that he would've donned a hoodie for the Trayvon Martin cause....Sag his pants? NO.....but him wearing a hoodie in the name of solidarity? ALL DAY!
    Some ppl just need to sit need to try and keep him alive with this B.S.

  • Keisha Unger - 9 years ago

    Dr. Milk would not wore a hoodie or sag.. But I do believe killing a child would have went against a grain of what he's been fighting for... To his niece dr. Already king that's in nor form or fashion justice killing a child walking with a hoodie.. JFK died at the hands of a man he felt was to close to dr.king .you wanted justice and these parents deserve justice for a child who was killed by a man he felt was a punk ass that was walking with a hoodie and a tea , need help ...DR. King would not agreed with the stand your ground laws.. Everything he fought for we are still fighting lady you need therapy.. You did not know your uncle to well.

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