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  • Jordi - 9 years ago

    Great story! I firmly believe that all coincidences like this are assists from above. Further, it has happened to me many times that coincidences are a sign of the upcoming future. According to my experience, the more awareness and attention you pay to coincidences, the more you know about possible threats and opportunities that may well condition your future. I actually believe that these guide our predetermined destiny. Here goes my sample story, also related to Montreal!

    A couple years ago I was living in Beijing, finishing my Master's thesis and looking for a job. My Master's thesis was a research report about Opportunities for the Med Tech sector in Canada and I was doing it on demand from the Business Promotion office of Catalonia in Montreal. Working in a famous expats cafe in Beijing, as soon as I finished the report and emailed it to Montreal, I looked up and saw a man with a pin of the Canadian flag. As I am in the emigration process to Canada, I started talking to him and found out a coincidence between us: we both had worked as consultants for a tourism development project in Hangzhou (South of China), though I had been there six years ago, before moving to China. A few weeks later, the same guy for whom we both had worked called me to collaborate in a project.

    Since many thinks like this have been happening in my life (usually not that obvious), I firmly believe that such coincidences are just the way that "the above" has to communicate with us. I guess it depends on the difficulty of our missions as well as on our awareness that we perceive more or less signs, but as long as you discover it, life becomes fascinating.
    A good book related to this, The Celestine Profecy, by James Redfield.



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