Should Anthony Weiner quit New York City's mayoral race?

  • lori - 7 years ago

    come on NY you can do much better

  • lori - 7 years ago

    come on NY you can do much better

  • lori - 7 years ago

    come on NY you can do much better

  • Michael - 7 years ago

    Weiner has a serious problem and needs counseling. I feel most sorry for his wonderful wife and child. They should not have to be under such public humiliation. Note: Weiner described this latest fiasco as "what has happened to us" as though he's a victim. He needs to take ownership and repent.
    Rev. M. B. Boyd,
    Louisville, KY

  • Lalaa - 7 years ago

    He should continue running for office. Comics need the work.

  • Lalaa - 7 years ago

    He should continue running fir office. Comics need the work.

  • Pamela - 7 years ago

    I think he should but if an electorate puts this guy in office who has obvious sex issues deserves him. But his wife also doesn't care. So there it is.

  • John Tsourounis - 7 years ago

    If anyone really votes for Weiner, and how appropriate can a name be, ......then the old adage that you get the politician you deserve by stupidly voting for them holds true. The man firstly has an addiction, and he is in denial. He is a LIAR, and manipulative and sneaky. Hey, Jim, you're right !! What astounds me, is how an intelligent woman can stand beside that guy and defend him !! Astounding. That is why men will NEVER understand women. New York voters, wake up !!!

  • Anonymous - 7 years ago


    That is RIDICULOUS. It is absolutely our (the voters') concern to weigh the good judgment and decision making abilities of a candidate looking to hold the honor of the highest local office in the country. New York City's Mayor is supposed to be an exemplary example of a local public servant, and I would prefer he not be sending dick pics to his mistresses while running the most expansive transit system in the world, 6th largest pension fund in the country, and epicenter for commerce and finance for the entire United States. All of that in addition to the fact that he decided to continue committing acts that most Americans would consider lewd and unbecoming of a man with a pregnant wife after ALREADY BEING FORCED TO RESIGN from his previous position in politics for them. To say that his personal affairs are irrelevant to this election is nonsense.

  • Vanilla - 7 years ago

    Weiner is excellent in politics. He is passionate and tough for his NY state. Why should he quit in running for mayor? Do you vote for anyone else who gets less or zero knowledge and experience as mayor? No, I don't. Weiner is considered as an ideal person, back in politics. Though he resigned in 2011, the so called scandals were dubious. Why did those women expose the pictures and themselves? A few of them even brought it up as '15 min fame' topics for themselves. It looked that they were planning to trick Weiner beforehand, frankly. Weiner does not look like a type who cheats on his wife. Could his muscle photo be used in conversation of doing gym? It could be likely that Weiner was tricked.

  • Randy - 7 years ago

    I understand what is going on here. It is a complete rush to get someone to say yes in these situations and interact with you. He probably compartmentalized this from his home/work life and poor Huma never knew a thing...or knew very little. He is competitive and loves the rush...needs the rush. This isn't about sex. Just like someone with a drinking problem isnt just thirsty all the time. He should keep it to text, though...the photos will sink you.

  • Geralyn Dossan - 7 years ago

    A candidates sex life should not be a issue,its not our concern,what he or she does in their private lives.

  • Pete - 7 years ago

    What a sicko! How dare he go on prime time TV and apologize? That was not an apology from " Carlos Danger" but a warning how sick this guy really is!! He needs mental help if anything and his poor wife should be honest to herselve and leave him immediately! Why would she want this guy after all this? Fame? I really believe that she is in it for the money and fame that's it! Hopefully the voters in NYC are not voting this pervert in their majors office! What a weird and ridiculous press sad

  • Joseph Puig - 7 years ago

    English Translation: "HUMA=HUMILIATION"

  • Joseph Puig - 7 years ago

    This Weiner's NOT KOSHER!

  • Jim Slick - 7 years ago

    Hey! He needs a job! All he knows is how to be a cheating, sneaky, lying politician!

  • Robert Cashman Sr - 7 years ago

    The U.S. does not need someone with his problems in ANY office.

  • eddie - 7 years ago

    Let him run. and I hope he wins by a landslide. He deserves a second chance.

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