What is Your Mayonnaise Preference for Tomato Sandwiches?

  • Kathy - 7 years ago

    I live in Cape May, N.J. ( FYI It is south of the Mason Dixon line ) and find it in the Dollar Stores !

  • Sherry Timko - 7 years ago

    Congrats! I'll check out your other blogs too!
    Miss you at Harry's Whole Foods, those where the good ole days of cooking classes!

  • Judy Jurgensen - 7 years ago

    My husband and I are one of those "house divided" couples, like you see on license plates or number stickers, but instead of Georgia/Georgia Tech or Georgia/Auburn, with us is Duke's/Helmann's. I like Duke's; my husband prefers Helmann's. I like Duke's because, although Helmann's is good, Duke's tastes more like homemade mayonnaise to me--and I like that it is made by a smaller company; not owned by a conglomerate as Helmann's is.

  • Iris - 7 years ago

    You rock!

  • Joyce - 7 years ago

    You really need to know about Vicksburg Tomato Sandwhiches. Home made or Blue Plate Mayo, onion ground in f/p and a touch of red pepper. Try it. Slice the tomatoes and place on paper towel and salt them and let weep....cut white bread in rounds and spread the mayo, onion, pepper mixture on both sides then you have a Vicksburg Tomato Sandwhich. Day old white bread is best.

    Thanks, Joyce at Walnut Hills Round TAble in Vicksburg, MS

  • Joe Buchanan - 7 years ago


    I enjoy your blog very much. Tomato sandwiches are best w/ ho' made blender mayo. I often add a bit of basil into the mix before adding oil. Back when they were all alive I could blindfold taste identify my mothers mayo from either of my grandmothers. My sisters is lemony like Mama's was. Mine is perhaps a bit more like my paternal grandmothers.

    For store bought mayo I'm a Hellman's guy.

    Basil mayo, tomato, wrights bacon, salt rising bread and a thick layer of crisp lettuce is the BLT usually found in my kitchen. Just mayo, srb and summer tomatoes is common to my kitchen too.

    If you ever want to come and cook with a bunch of old guys, Les Marmitons Atlanta would gladly have you back.

    In the meantime wishing you nothing but the marvelous!


  • Belinda Gullatt - 7 years ago

    Hi Virginia!

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