Should A Reality TV Show On Orlando Shaw's Kids And Baby Mamas Air?

  • Mary Lanz - 8 years ago

    Airing his trash would be quite a disappointment -- I agree go some where get a job, start wearing a condom and let's start a petition. This and he is an embarassment.

  • Be-be-less - 9 years ago

    Put that DBDaddy to work! Whatever it takes to keep my taxes from being increased again!

  • Kathy - 9 years ago

    Oh come on....a reality show for a sperm doner. Give me a F-in break!

  • cee - 9 years ago

    If it would create income to care for his children. I wouldn't want him to gain financially, unless it was specifically for his kids.

  • T - 9 years ago

    We c this n tha hood...

  • Brad K B-Rizzle Porter - 9 years ago

    He doesn't need to be on TV.

  • Kat - 9 years ago

    Keep him off tv

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