Obama And Bill Clinton

  • Mary - 13 years ago

    I wish he could just ignore Bill Clinton, but politically he has to be nice to him. Bill Clinton needs to grow up and start acting like someone who is not all about ego and is instead about his country. He hurt his wife's campaign. She lost. Now get over it and move on. Otherwise he will just be viewed as an old has-been.

  • Phyllis - 13 years ago

    I think everybody should forget about Bill Clinton until Labor Day and reassess the situation then. He really needs to embrace the role of elder statesman before participating in this election.

  • CBreeze - 13 years ago

    Bending over backwards is old politics - don't lose focus on changing the way things work in Washington - and lose Hill and Bill - they're dangerous. Don't get sucked into their game.

  • JCS12 - 13 years ago

    Time for Obama to show some leadership. So far the only one demonstrating leadership is Hillary-in a totally graceful and respectful manner as usual for her.
    Obama crossed the line during the campaign. He made race the issue against a former president who had the backing of the black leadership and community for what he did for them. It worked for Obama. They responded-91%.

    He needs the white vote to win. I repeat "He needs to show some leadership".

  • Roger - 13 years ago

    Bill was working for his lady. Some lack of judgment was to be expected. Not because he was Bill, but because it was his girl he was going to bat for.

    We should all get that.

    So he's a bit miffed at what was said about him (that he played the race card). I can understand his being miffed - even if he DID (play it). After all, HE was supposed to be the first black President. Maybe he believed he was.

    I'd give him an opportunity to play in the new game in town. If he doesn't want to play, that's his business, and his decision - and it should be respected. But if he does want to deal himself in, then fair enough. No long sleeves permitted, however.

  • sentheru - 13 years ago

    Bill Clinton is behaving like a child.

    He race-baited. Everyone called him on it. He needs to get over it, because no one made him resort to gutter race politics against Obama. He chose to do that himself, and by so doing, he lost the black vote for his wife. He lost a lot of white votes this way, too.

  • Ido Think - 13 years ago

    The Clintons were always the classless nouvo riche of Washington. At least Republicans have some family values. Obama has knocked the Black off Bill. Bill Clinton has exposed his true colors himself, and its all coming back at him. Obama would be in real danger if the "do anything to be President" Clintons were in the VP slot. How dare the Clintons hold progress back by deliberately stiring up White fright as a substitute for honest working class values. Bill Clinton becoming working class would be a step up for him. Viva Obama!

  • Mazie Purtle - 13 years ago

    Bill Clinton....whether a two-term president, or if he had been a ten-term president....needs to get off of the stage. If he had any decency, he would do that now....but, he never had much decency before....so he continues to make an ass of himself. Obama is the presumptive nominee....he followed the rules. The Clintons attacked every rule of the campaign....and tried desparately to make many of their own...to try to make them win. We heard it all from the Clinton campaign....the caucuses, FL and MI, electoral vote (in a primary), popular vote. Now, in my opinion, they are holding Obama hostage. When has this ever happed in previous primary elections? How many "losers" have hired a lawyer....not to contest votes...but to negotiate a role....for whatever. Has this ever happened before in history?? The entire United States democratic process is being held hostage, and undermined, by the Clintons. The American people....and the Democratic Party....must put a stop to the Clinton demands and hijacking.

  • KIM - 13 years ago

    maybe part of Obama's change for the better could be to leave the good old boy politics of bending over backwards to Bill behind, no pun intended.

  • Dari - 13 years ago

    Time & time again, Senator Obama has proven that he can rise above petty politics as easily as he can also stand toe to toe with John McCain.

    I too, wish there had been another response but I trend toward "bending over backwards" for the sake of party unity.

    I have been an Obama backer since the very beginning and admit that I still have some definite un-unifying thoughts about the candidates.

    So, I read the strongest dissenting remarks from Clinton supporters through that lense and keep looking forward toward November and NOT back through the last 16 months.

    It is too important to our country and the future of our children to hold onto petty Primary grievances.

    Once again, I believe that Senator Obama should rise to the occasion and get the former President to get on board the Democratic train to victory for not only the White House but also both houses of the Congress.

  • Hans B - 13 years ago

    Bill Clinton has lost his touch, otherwise Hillary would be the candidate now. If there had been a fourth question, "Obama should be polite to Bill Clinton but firmly ask him to keep a low profile", I would have chosen that one.

  • Greg - 13 years ago

    I wouldn't let Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton anywhere near my campaign. The Clintons are worried about one thing and one thing only and that'e themselves. They would do anything to make sure Obama loses so she could run again in four years. I actually heard someone on tlevision today say Obama hasn't donated the max of $2300 to Hillary yet to help pay off her bills. Why should he help pay her bills, no one made her blow through millions of dollars pretending to be a working class person, all the while stiffing actual working class people by not paying them. This race was over so long ago. What she did was a disgrace,

  • Gib - 13 years ago

    Obama should avoid Bill Clinton and discourage him from campaigning for him as Bill campaigned for Hillary.

  • dB - 13 years ago


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