Who would you want on the new banknotes?


  • Charles James - 11 years ago

    Darwin has to be kept. Jane Austen must be recognized. We have had to see the face of the queen, it seems forever. Jane would be a wonderful replacement.

  • Paul k - 11 years ago

    Do not replace Darwin. And I agree with Jimmy what about ignoring her altogether.

  • Adalberto - 11 years ago


  • Mark Holmstrand - 11 years ago

    England should never remove Darwin from banknotes. His discoveries are more important to the world than all other persons displayed on banknotes combined.

  • Jimmy Ashby - 11 years ago

    This poll is bogus. What about the option to ignore Jane Austen altogether?

  • Julie - 11 years ago

    I'm sorry Darwin is getting replaced, but so excited about Jane Austen!

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