Why do so many carriers continue to experience difficulty finding new drivers? (Poll Closed)

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  • Tyler - 4 years ago

    Because at this point I make a better living working for minimum wage in new York. Min. wage in NYC is 15hr or 600bucks for a 40 hr week. and I work 70 hours as a truck driver so if I were to include overtime and the additional hours your at well over 1000 bucks and that's more then most trucking companys are paying company drivers. now when you add in the added expences to live out on the road eating in truck stops at 15 bucks a meal and 2.50 dollar coffee your spending at least 150 bucks a week just to do your job. not to mention you don't have to pay speeding tickets, dot fines, licencing or other fees that you are liable for in our industry. so I have considered staying home with the famly for less stress and responsibility for the same income. fix the pay and the drivers will work. we run the trucks not the companys and as they get really desperate to find a solution to the problem drivers will emerge. but sorry I am expected to give my life behind the wheel protecting America and the food resources and freight that the country needs to do its job but I am expected to do it for the lowest cost. im 45 years old and I would like to live the American dream as does the rest of America. im putting in 70 hours a week and can barly pay the rent. that's whats wrong. so please thank a trucker.

  • Carole - 8 years ago

    The recruiters and companies lie to the new hire and when they get out there alone and on their own, they feel duped, quit, and tell those friends back home waiting to join how bad it was. Bad PR.
    The hiring and training programs need to be revamped. Yes it is tough out here. Yes you can do it. We will train only the ones who really want this challenge. If I see one more whinny couch potato new hire driving a 200,000 $$ company truck not making any money, complaining about not getting home, I want to go kick his recruiter, company, and trainer in the butt.
    Who is at fault. The government. For paying out all this money to the companies to train (ha ha) without any true results.

  • Ted - 8 years ago

    There's no shortage. The pay isn't enought for what the driver has to do. Weeks away. Try to sleep in a truck can't be idle. People wont even sit in there car for 15 min without a/c and were suposs to sleep 10 hr. Shipper and recivers and the company the driver works for ,all treating u like crap. Who needs that for the pay. High food prices at truck stops and fast food all the time get old fast. Life stayle and pay don't add up. Now they started the new HOS. U have a 34 hr off duty that can be a 50 hr very esasly.

  • Dieselralph - 8 years ago

    It's funny how large private fleets have turnover %'s in the teens and 20's but the big public companies have 100-120% turnover. They haul similar freight and have similar trucks. Could it be pay and benefits? Also the private fleets only select better drivers and are willing to pay for it. Go figure, what a business model, hiring and paying for the best. If the public fleets tightened standards and paid for experience their turnover would decrease.

  • Trick1 - 8 years ago

    YGov.regulations..In the top 10 most dangerous jobs..Nasty people in nasty truck stops...Inconsiderate self centered drivers 70 hours paid by the cent now sleep study and electronic logs after 18 years I have had enough

  • Trick1 - 8 years ago

    YGov.regulations..In the top 10 most dangerous jobs..Nasty people in nasty truck stops...Inconsiderate self centered drivers 70 hours paid by the cent now sleep study and electronic logs after 18 years I have had enough

  • Retired O/O, but reconsidering - 8 years ago

    A big part of the problem is the outrageous price of tuition at truck schools, coupled with the BS company pay-back programs. After having gone through all of that, to have to train under a driver who may have only six months experience themself, is asking a lot of anyone. I would venture to guess that the average newbie has no idea of how hard life on the road is when one is first starting out. I miss the road every day, but I don't miss the BS, and I am not about to pay upwards of $3000.00 to put-up with low pay, and some kid trying to control my life for the first year. That is the reality if I want to get back in to my own (not lease purchase) truck. It's a pity that these companies are just running "driver-mills," and giving so many folks a bad experience when they could be teaching them how to make a good career. Companies that train also attract an element that has no work ethic, and thinks that being asked to take responsibility, and make a decision for themselves, is asking too much. Large trucking companies are victims of the culture that they, themselves created. There is no shortage of drivers, there is a shortage of integrity.

  • jan johnson - 8 years ago

    Major companys are all just alike ether you don't make enough money to pay your bills And support your family. Or you don't get to go home how wants that? No one!!!!! How cares if there is a shortage no one!!!!

  • t - 8 years ago

    The money spent recruiting new drivers drug testing motels annd advertising. If you took care or the drives you have you would not have to look for drivers they would come to to you

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