Do You Agree With The New Laws For Flying Homeless Out of HI or putting them in jail in Florida?


  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    Oh and how you gonna forget the waterfall bathing?!?! Best.EVER! I think we should do a reverse plane ticket and have the homeless go to Hawaii and they can stay if they make up a hustle and do a bootleg island version of Habitat for Humanity like if you build it and the big bad wolf can't huff and puff and blow it down then you can stay.

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    I kinda want to be homeless in Hawaii. I mean great weather, I'm homeless so I'll have to live off the coconuts and pineapples and fish for fish the old fashioned way which means I'll be in great shape! Maybe I'll find a surfboard somewhere and pick up some new hobbies and trades. I can braid up some white girl tourist hair and I can help twerk-a-fy the native girls' hula dance. I can chop up and BBQ their roast pork. And at the end of the day, retire on the beach! Do they have one way tickets to Hawaii I'm saying tho! But keeping it real tho, I'd eventually build up my own shack and make a profit from the above ventures so I doubt I'd be homeless homeless for long *shrug*

    Miss Krysable

  • justin p - 9 years ago

    look, sumems gotta b done bout these damn bums. for those who voted no: wut would UR solution b? homeless death panels? much as i may prefer that method then we'd have a buncha bitter, angry, homeless ghosts n noone wants that. "just leave those sweet bums alone."...#sideeye really people? thats obviously comin from someone whos never been harassed by a homeless asshole AKA a homeless person. if i spend my money goin to Hawaii the last thing i want is onea these foul smellin vagrants ruinin MY vacation. i didnt pay for this! MLK didnt die for this! fuck that! n in Florida they not goin to prison!! its jail. a cot and 3 meals a day is CERTAINLY an upgrade from a bench and "roadkill stew". #comeonson #bereasonable

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