Do you think people are "selfish" for choosing to not have children?

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  • Sassi - 2 years ago

    I'm 30 and childfree. I'm college educated and have a job in my field. I am lucky enough to be given ample opportunities for overtime and flexibility to put in extra time and effort at work everyday. I am also a proud auntie, and a doting granddaughter to my 99-year-old grandmother. I see how few grandchildren visit their grandparents in the nursing home, and it's disheartening. People who give birth in order to have someone care for them in their old age are doing it for the wrong reasons. I am entirely happy being without children. However, should my desire to not be a parent shift later in life, that would not make me more or less selfish. It is a personal decision best left to individuals and their significant others. It is not my job to judge.

  • jill123 - 6 years ago

    It's selfish to have kids just so you can make a perfect copy of yourself. When you're not ready. When you don't want to. Just because you're supposed to. That's selfish.

  • Judy - 6 years ago

    I wish more people did not have kids. It is frustrating to see people "accidentally" conceive children that they cannot afford. Birth control is not that difficult. It actually works well. So "accidents" are not acceptable and a terrible way to bring a child into the world. Children should be well planned and provided for so that they will grow up to be civilized, productive citizens. It is the most important job, should someone choose to take it on. It is responsible and reasonable when others choose not to have kids. It is a selfish act to have kids and expect the rest of the world to help you raise them. I have seem far too much of that.

  • lynn - 6 years ago

    I don't think a person is selfish because they don't have kids. I do think that people that have kids and rely on the goverment ,grandparents,aunts,uncles or anyone else to help them take care of or raise their chilldren are selfish there are many unwamted and unloved children in the world there are many children in the care of child protective services. So let's not talk about a person who has made a choice not to have children. I know people with children that refuse to except the fact that they have made choices to bring children here and are not doing their job to raise their children properly are not being responsible parents. They are relying on teachers,grandparents and anyone else to do their jobs for them now that is selfish. Putting a man before your children is selfish. Moving men in your house over them that you barly know is selfish. Having kids for different men and not your husband is selfish. Dumping them on grandparents and your family and friends is selfish. There are many parents out there that are selfish. There are many men and women out there that don't take care of their children. I just don't understand why would a person with no children would be looked at as selfish? There are so many selfish parents in the world today until its unbelievable. But these are the ones in the end that want to be respected and honored more than a good parent. Trust me there are some kind,wonderful and loving parents out there that do a very good job at their parenting. Those are the ones I just have to say you are what god is really smiling on. Its hard but don't give up. Keep your heads up and your eyes on the prize which are your children. Your have all my love and respect as a human being. My mother is my rock and I'm just grateful to god to have her she has always been in my corner and there for her children loving,guiding,and taking care of us. She is also a wonderful grandmother god couldn't have chosen a more wonderful human being as my mother than her. I worship the ground she walks on.

  • Daisy - 6 years ago

    I agree with Crystal.

    1) I know I'm selfish, that's why I don't have kids.

    2) I can barely afford to take care of myself. I work full time, have massive student loan debt I'm trying to pay off with no assistance, and I make enough $$ to pay for my bills and buy some foo. But even food has gotten expensive so I try to cut that back and I'm just one person. I'm thankful everyday I didn't drag some poor kid into my mess. I'd never be able to afford to care for them.

    3) There's more than enough kids out there that need help, I'd rather help them then create a new one. If I could ever afford it, I'd rather be a foster.

  • lina - 6 years ago

    U couldn't have said it better, Crystal! Having kids and THEN realising you cant provide for them, now that's being selfish!

  • Crystal - 6 years ago

    How can it possibly be selfish to choose not to bring a child into this corrupt, racist, sexist economy? If I can't afford to pay my bills with a college education and a full time job there's no way I could afford a child too. And god forbid I should ask for government assistance for food, healthcare of housing in order to have a child! I'm not being selfish, I'm being compassionate toward my future children.

    To the people who think I'm selfish, will you pay my medical bills, buy me food, buy me a home, and support my child and me? I didn't think so.

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