POLL: If you had to pick between a Dexter spin-off and a prequel series what would you choose?


  • JayJ - 10 years ago

    I feel a prequel would be boring because you already know the outcome... But a spinoff could go so many different ways that can keep you at the edge of your seat

  • Connie Devaney - 11 years ago

    A prequel series would be more intersting. Sort of like "Hannibal Rising" which focused on Hannibal
    Lector's early years leading up to who and what he is today. A spinoff would have to star a really
    interesting character to hold the audience interest. "Deb" played by Jennifer Carpenter is the only
    character in my opinion who would be interesting enough to pull it off. The other characters in
    Dexter, although good as backround characters are not interesting or dynamic enough for a spinoff.

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