Would You Be Willing To Pay Double For McDonald's If They Raised Employee's Pay?


  • Mudslinger - 10 years ago

    Fuck MacDonalds!!! What's right versus wrong when it comes to healthcare?... Money in my pocket is right, "broke-nigga" healthcare is wrong. My father worked in a mill and my momma worked as a secretary. They decided those jobs ain't shit and put themselves through college while raising all of us. If you want better, do better.

  • Miss Krysable - 10 years ago

    Yeah so I got a crazy little kid and I don't want to be that douche bag mom who is anti-fun so....here's my money Hambugalar.

  • justin p - 10 years ago

    fuck no im not payin more! not if they keep the same model for hiring employees! no. just no. "its the right thing to do." fuck dat! know wut else is right? havin a fuckin dollar menu! u wanna pay them more guess where thats goin? to GONESVILL! naaahhh nigga...

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