What’s your favorite content from this week’s PS Plus update?


  • Trevor - 11 years ago

    You did some what good this month with hitman and saints row but I want an FPS like modern warfare 3. I've already played it and beat it but I love it so much I want it again, so please give us an FPS preferably MW3 ;)

  • Trevor - 11 years ago

    Next month I really want modern warfare 3. And my favorite this month was hitman absolution. I feel if I pay for this I would like to get something good like MW3.

  • Rob - 11 years ago

    Solid update with the Rayman and Max Payne Sale alongside free Hitman, Runner 2, Star Wars Pinball, Mancahium and Darkstalkers, but why do you guys always pick fighters to be the free PSP games? I have no issues with it (as I never owned a PSP) but you have such a diverse library of PSP games like Daxter, GOW and tons of RPG's but instead you keep putting fighters as the free game :( At least you guys gave us Metal Slug XX and Gods Eater Burst to mix things the last two months at least :)

    For the Vita selection of free games, it would be great if you guys would put up more "bigger" games like Metal Gear Collection or Persona 4 Golden; EU Plus got a lot of great games for free like Rayman and Metal Gear Collection but we still didn't yet.

    But outside of that, you library of PS3 stuff rocks and I STILL have to beat Plus games way back from May like Demon Souls and Sleeping Dogs, so the service is quite the value in the end :)

  • J.Hess - 11 years ago

    Rubbish, just rubbish, Europe gets NFS most wanted and Mafia II and we get this crap. Im so getting an Europe account in december

  • hazel - 11 years ago

    PS vita indie is fine but THIS IS INSULTING TO VITA OWNERS that the INDIE you put in FREE for PS PLUS are the ones that we BOUGHT or PAID just WEEKS ago when it was on SALE!!!!! That's a COMPLETE JOKE! Putting up an INDIE GAME ON SALE then put free after few weeks???????? Makes me think that INDIE doesn't DESERVED to be SUPPORTED!

  • hazel - 11 years ago

    Vita owners SUFFERS the most! 50$ subscription yet we get INDIE games / low rated psp game EVERY MONTH?????? AT LEAST MAN UP TO WHAT YOU ADVERTISE! PS PLUS for VITA / PS3! stop with the PSP GAMES!!!!! Indie / psp every month is a COMPLETE JOKE! DO NOT PUT VITA on PS PLUS! This is a HUGE SCAM!

  • hazel - 11 years ago

    THIS IS A HUGE SLAP AND A COMPLETE JOKE TO VITA OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last month's metal slug is TRASH! Then this month makes me think that this is MORE WORST than metal slug! You guys keep on pushing psp to vita owners yet what you released are WAYYYY CHEAP title! We paid for vita and we get a low quality psp game???? If it's a psp then it should had been at least AAA psp that we could enjoy! 9 months left subscription yet I AM PLANNING TO THROW AWAY THIS ACCOUNT!

    INDIE / low rated PSP game is a HUGE JOKE! What a SHAME FOR U.S. SONY PLUS!

  • Jarogarcia - 11 years ago

    Sony say: hey what you want for the next month :D!

    Guy 1: RPG!
    Guy 2: RPG!
    Guy 3: RPG!
    Guy 4: fps....
    Guy 5: RPG!

    Sony: I heard Fps?

    Guy 4: nhaaa i was joking :D


  • Andrew - 11 years ago

    What a freaking joke. You clearly don't care about Vita gamers. Enough with the freaking PSP games.

  • Stop - 11 years ago

    Hitman. Period.

  • J - 11 years ago

    Is hit man absolution out free yet I'm looking on the ps store but I can't find it

  • psp fail - 11 years ago


  • jon - 11 years ago

    Im good with the Rayman Sale...because i already have Hitman, like i already had Battlefield 3.
    Good AAA games for the ones who havent played them yet but having more AAA titles per week or month like in Europe will be great.

  • M-Rated - 11 years ago

    I'm happy with this update. Thanks Morgan & the entire Plus team. As far as the complainers go about some poll taken where supposedly RPG's won hands down, I'm sure you know that had to be rigged with people making multiple posts to win that poll. RPG lovers tend to go to extreme measures to get what they want. Anyway, keep up the great work. Thanks!!

  • Nohbdy - 11 years ago

    Cripes, there are a lot of whiners. Keep the PSP games coming.

  • M-Rated - 11 years ago

    I'm happy with this update. Thanks Morgan & the entire Plus team. As far as the complainers go about some poll taken where supposedly RPG's won hands down, I'm sure you know that had to be rigged with people making multiple posts to win that poll. RPG lovers tend to go to extreme measures to get what they want. Anyway, keep up the great work. Thanks!!

  • Erik - 11 years ago

    I really don't know how hard this can be. Just copy whatever Europe is bringing to PS+. It's really not fair that we pay the same price yet they get a bunch of retail AAA games and we only get 1 retail, a PSP game (always a fighter), and indies

  • dubloon7 - 11 years ago

    I was excited all last month to see what US+ was going to bring in august, since july sucked ass AGAIN. lo and behold US+ team FAILS AGAIN. total cocksucking penguins with no brains.

    STOP WITH THE PSP GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP WITH THE FIGHTING GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FIRE EVERY GODDAMN SONY US+ TEAM MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can literally walk into any major retailer and buy a hard disc of EVERY IGC game given out this past year for $10 MAX.


  • thnglx - 11 years ago

    Playstation Plus IGC is about variety. Ps Vita Users have been getting Fighting game for months. This really need to STOP.

  • Matt - 11 years ago

    I cant vote on my favorite offering from july because my favorite (nothing for me) was not an option. If you want real feedback then that has to be an option. If you only want positive fedback and want to censor out the negative then.... Youre doing a great job, keep up the good work!

  • Bill - 11 years ago

    last month and this month stuff for PlayStation Plus sucks compared to Europe it really feels like North America's getting the short end of the stick here. please make this right.

  • PirripT - 11 years ago

    This is by far the WORST update ever!!
    Have you checked PlayStation Europe PS+ Update? They have Mafia 2, NFS, Batman, Catherine, and other games... we get trash! WE always get trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We only get shooting violent games BF3, and other shooting games, we never get other types of games for free. if we do its "discounts" how pathetic!

    Please make an option where players can pause their subscription for the entire month if they don't want the "freebies". I thought the update would get better, it just get worse and worse!

  • Danny - 11 years ago

    I demand a reboot of the selection for this month's games for PS3. 1 big title with the rest being indie games? Sorry, but July has given us BF3, Saint's Row 3, XCOM, AND Uncharted 3.
    But as for August we only get Hitman?
    Sorry but whoever is choosing these games needs to get fired. EU has NFSMW, M2, Spec Ops, When Vikings Attack, and more. This is BS.

  • herbalsticky - 11 years ago

    Plus 1 for no more PSP games and games that have already been given for free.

  • weak vita offers - 11 years ago

    Morgan, how do the free Vita games get picked each month? I’ve noticed Europe gets way more mainstream vita offerings compared to North America. Seems every month they have a “major” retail game for free. Those appeal to a much wider audience than the indies and niche titles we receive. Last month Dokuro, this month Pinball and Machinarium? Really? The latter two are cheaply available on smartphones! And why do we have to pay $5-7 for games that Europe got free in previous months (Mortal Kombat, Rayman Origins)? Is this what we should continue to expect from NA PS+? Why the huge gap in quality between regions? Please give an explanation as some of us are getting quite frustrated with the unequal offers. At this rate I won’t be renewing.

  • TJF588 - 11 years ago

    Revamp the freebies to:
    - PS3 IGC
    - Vita-native IGC
    - "Classics of the Month", where one PS1 Classic, PS2 Classic, and PSP game are featured per month; optionally, add a mini for a full four-week schedule.

    Regardless, count me among those who prefer PSP games stay in rotation, but also among those who are still not ready for more button-combo fighters.

  • Sean - 11 years ago

    Please, stop giving us PSP games with PS+. It is an old system and almost everyone would prefer Vita releases. Also, bring back free PS1 Classics and start giving some PS2 Classics out for free. My favorite part of this update is the Rayman Sale. Love the classic games and would love some more from Plus!

  • None of your bussiness - 11 years ago

    I thought playstation was the best place to play.....

  • Viewtiful_Gene - 11 years ago

    Hitman: Absolution?
    More like Hitman: Absolute Sh*t

  • A - 11 years ago

    Stop giving us PSP games with PS Plus! Just stop! Keep doing the sales every week on games and game series like you have been. Give us a reason to buy on PSN, give us a reason to buy Digital, you're on the right path, just keep it up and don't stop!

  • Taichi - 11 years ago

    I really like Plus because of the IGC but after reading through the comments, I have to agree that enough with the fighting games and lackluster titles. It would be nice to see more PSP RPGs like Phantasy Star Portable 2 or Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness. More retail Vita titles for Free like MGS HD or Hot Shots Golf.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    For starters, I love plus and the value is incredible. Vita has given us some truly incredible games. I realize IGC can't be as robust yet because the lineup isn't exactly huge but please no more psp. I know the games can't always be the level that Ninja Gaiden is but psp is not of good value. It would be different if these psp games were the greatest hits of psp but they aren't.

    If you are going to offer us PSP Please make it a system of credits. I would accept one psp game a month, if it was in the form of a credit to pick the PSP game of our choice. Make it so the credit disappears after one week. Let us choose!

  • Variety Please - 11 years ago


    While I appreciate that Plus gives us free rentals, I'm very very sick of all the shooter games, stealth or otherwise.

    There are many other Genre out there, including my favourites, RPGs and Sports/racing.

    Can we get some other Genre's of games please? There was a customer poll not that long ago and RPGs were voted for by a LOT of people. (and PSP has a ton of those, if you insist on giving psp games)

    Please stop with the shooter style games already. PSN games and shooter games have no value for me and I've been a plus member since it started. (pre IGC)

  • Rendermonk - 11 years ago

    I've always felt the value that PS Plus offers is fantastic, indisputable!! But I can't help but be disappointed by the lack of RPG's (and/or any sub-genre of RPG's ie: JRPG, ARPG, Classic PS1 RPG, etc) You know from the poll that was taken that the top 5 genre choices were all RPG genre related. Given that information, which was gathered long enough ago to have reflected the changes in the IGC offerings, why aren't we seeing any RPG's? If it's an issue securing the rights to offer them on IGC, let us know that. If it's not that, please either add them to the Instant Game Collection, or explain why they won't be added. I and many others (given the poll results) desire this genre, why not add them?

    I hope this comment finds the team well, and that next month we'll see an RPG (or two) highlighted in the IGC, to glorious acclaim, much like it was when Demons Souls was added. That's more of an Action RPG, but it's the closest thing we've gotten hear lately aside from Disgaea, which is almost too niche to even be counted. Almost. Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback, I look forward to your response in the months to come.

  • alexus80s - 11 years ago

    Thanks,please bring on more psone classics and ps2, thanks

  • matt - 11 years ago

    Thanks, liking the selection. People who love to complain are just a bunch of losers like Bill Parcells said over the weekend.

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    Nothing for me wanted need for speed and mafia 2 guess ill have to move to Europe thanks Sony

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    Hitman Absolution is great....the rest of the month? No really. 1 PS3 game and the rest PSN games? Last month was underwhelming as well. i don't want to sound entitled, but when EU PS+ gets better games than US, it makes me, as a consumer, feel I'm getting cheated.

    Been subbed to PS+ for a long time now, and there has been good months, but the bad months are almost as common as the good ones! That shouldn't be.

  • Moofboy - 11 years ago

    Wasn't the idea of the genre poll to decide what the community wanted? I seem to recall and amazing number of voters who prefer any kind of RPG...

  • Ronin - 11 years ago

    Hitman was a game I was mildly interested in but I have to say it is kind of underwhelming when compared to EU's offerings for the month. Is there legal reasons behind the US not getting a preview earlier like EU? Just feels like a bummer to have to wait around for mediocrity.

  • AndForeverNow - 11 years ago

    I actually hope the next month is bad too so I'll enjoy Kingdom Hearts 1.5

  • Stephen (Modgetguy) - 11 years ago

    Hitman was a surprise. I wouldn't have played the game before, but since it's free I'll give it a try. I really like that bit trip runner is free, but I've already bought that game. (It's fun!) I love the steep discount on that PS Move Blast game! The discounts on Rayman Origins are pretty awesome too!

    I'm hoping for some more variety in the portable games though. There seems to be a lot of pinball and fighting stuff that's been offered for Vita and PSP. The Star Wars pinball this month is great, however it seems that we're being over-loaded with fighting games. I would suggest some more variety in portable games. Zero Escape was great and refreshing! How about Locoroco or Parappa the Rapper, or heck, even Tokobot on PSP? That would really help show off the variety available with Playstation gaming.

    It seems most of us are growing tired of fighting games though. My vote is for more variety and quirky games. (Indies are great for that.) and hold off on fighting games for a while. (Unless it's mortal kombat on Vita for free.)


  • far - 11 years ago

    are u kidding me???? the vita content sucks another psp game? atleast u could have given given us god of war for psp. WTF. screw this. i waited all this time hoping to get a good update man this sucks

  • justin - 11 years ago

    Why do EU get Need for speed:mw spec ops and when vikings attack and we get this trash. Wish I wouldn't have even spent the money on ps plus. Just make it the same accross the board. With this crap I will not be keeping ps plus.

  • Nathan - 11 years ago

    Please, NO MORE FIGHTING GAMES!!! I wouldn't mind PSP games if they were from the best of the systems, like God of War. We already have had so many fighting games from both PSP and Vita, we are all sick of the genre by now.

  • Nathan - 11 years ago

    Please, NO MORE FIGHTING GAMES!!! I wouldn't mind PSP games if they were from the best of the systems, like God of War. We already have had so many fighting games from both PSP and Vita, we are all sick of the genre by now.

  • nabeel - 11 years ago

    make us wait all this time for an update like this? Eu knew what they were getting 15 days in advance

  • Disappointed - 11 years ago

    I feel so sad looking at our games compared to EU IGC, really wanted NFSMW

  • bucm - 11 years ago

    Boo. It's a total bummer Europe gets a bunch of rad games and America gets boned. None of these games are appealing whatsoever.

  • Batman - 11 years ago

    Stop with the damn PSP fighting games.

    Actually, stop everything you're doing and do whatever Europe is doing. Our version of Plus isn't just terrible by comparison... it's just terrible.

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    Please, No more PSP games! Vita games for Vita. No more Fighting games either. Other than that feedback, a decent update. Hitman is a great choice, thank you.

  • Dark_AleX - 11 years ago

    No more PSP fighter, please. In fact, no more emulated PSP games on Vita, please.

    We love our Vita. But why haven't we receive more Vita love with more native Vita games?

    Gotta agree with the rest of the commenters, this month's offerings pale in comparison to EU and Asian PS+.

    I believe we deserve more as Vita supporters.

  • Dago - 11 years ago

    Seriously this update is awful,a $20 PS3 Full game an another fighting game for Vita?
    The PS+ updates are getting worse and worse each month.
    How about some RPGS for a change?

  • therealmagadan - 11 years ago

    Jus gonna play hitman again get some more trophies guess im gonna import uk psn card and sign up for plus in eu betta games to choose from

  • Andres - 11 years ago

    You people have 4 weeks to fix this horrible update, don't waste the chance to redeem yourselfs

  • Andres - 11 years ago

    Where is the "nothing for me this MONTH" option?

  • bigwilybobbily - 11 years ago

    I love this month's update, PLEASE keep the psp games coming. Just because they're old doesn't mean they're not good games. I never had a psp and I greatly appreciate it.


  • Ted - 11 years ago

    No more PSP games! There are close to 150 Vita games on the digital store. Please give us some of those!

    No more fighting games!

  • DazeOfWar - 11 years ago

    Well this makes 3 months of crap for me. I haven't commented on the content in a while cause I've pretty much just given up.

    Please stop with the fighting games. We have been given enough for PS3 and Vita.

  • Matheus - 11 years ago

    I’d like to suggest Red Dead Redemption to come to the IGC. Or even a great PS+ discount on the bundle with Undead Nightmare. This is one of the old titles that I’ve never been able to play, and it’s quite a while since the last sales on it.

  • Tom Delgado - 11 years ago

    Just the Hitman freebie for me this month. Very underwhelming list.

    EU is kicking our asses when it comes to good content. Might wanna fix that.

  • T - 11 years ago

    Yea, only Bit.Trip for me this month as well. Have already bought and beat Hitman, Rayman, and Machinarium. The fighting games are the worst part about it. Even though I would prefer actual Vita games there are tons of good PSP games to choose from, but it's just another fighter every month.

  • another psp fighting game - 11 years ago


  • ItaChu - 11 years ago

    BUT i am glad about Runner 2 :) i always wanted that game im so glad i didnt buy it and machinarium for vita omg i almost bought that a few days ago lol also glad i didnt :)

    and that rayman sale omg thats a good one .... but i have a suggestion ... the sales you give out ... i think they should all last 2 weeks ... i think one week is so little time and you always announce these sales the same week its so little time sometimes i think people miss out on them .... you should make a sale and keep it for 2 weeks and the second week make a new sale and alternate them

    one sale for two weeks
    second week a new sale enters
    and the next week the first weeks sale goes away yet another enters
    and the next week the second weeks sale leaves and so on and so on ....

    that would be good :)

  • Ryumoau - 11 years ago

    This month's lineup was awful. Hitman was the only decent game and i beat that last year. Please start actually listening to feedback for once and give us rpgs. It makes no sense that you can keep pumping out these pointless psp fighting games and generic shooters, but can't provide a single rpg (western or japanese).

    You could have even given us a plus discount on Tales of Xilia. That would have went a long way in throwing rpg fans a bone. Who is running plus in NA? Whoever it is they need to look the EU because they obviously know what they are doing there much better.

  • Pat - 11 years ago

    Please, let need for speed: most wanted be in the IGC

  • BalmungTaichou - 11 years ago

    No more psp ports on Vita plus for 3 months. Listen to USA fanbase.

  • ItaChu - 11 years ago

    Sorry guys but that PSP game selection was terrible this month .... whoever picked that one made a bad choice ... so many good psp games and you give that?! .... bad choice :(

  • luiz - 11 years ago

    a game that PS + European received in May, is only now reaching the U.S. PS +.
    They received 3 games and we only one.
    I expected something better this month, and at least 2 games.
    So I’ll be hard to want to renew plus.

  • T - 11 years ago

    No more PSP games!

  • scott - 11 years ago

    stop giving us psp games for our ps vita with playstation plus. give us full retail games just like Eu and asia gets.
    also eu and asia get 2 full disc based ps3 games and sometimes more each month. i am afraid to check other regions because they also might make us updates look like crap

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