Should Tipping Be Banned?


  • Sterling - 10 years ago

    Tipping should be extra pay in my opinion, by that I mean you should already be making minimum wage or above before I tip you. I always tip, and probably always will but a persons salary should be dictated by how I or anyone else feels about that person.

    Oh yea and I aint never met someone working at a normal restaurant making 49k either

  • Daniknows - 10 years ago

    Why y'all trying to take away people's tips? This conversation on the podcast annoyed me because I felt it was very one-sided. According to, the average salary for a waiter in your hometown of Charlotte is $49k. That is almost exactly the same as the median income for residents of Charlotte, and well above the 'scraping up tips to put rent money together' line. While I imagine wait staff at an IHOP or even the Red Lobster, possibly earn less than that, I personally know many people who are professional waiters and earn a very comfortable living. I think that service is a very difficult job and people who choose that as a profession should not have their earning potential limited by a no-tipping policy.

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