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Which Food Network Star Finalist Did You Vote For or Who Would You Vote For? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,355

  • Crouton40 - 11 years ago

    Hi MoHub, good to see you here. I prefer Damaris more at a kitchen counter (like Melissa or Anne Burrell do) showing us all sorts of flavorful dishes, and helping us become better cooks ourselves, rather than the dating thing. Just my preference. But they both "work" and I'd watch her either way. The important part for me, is that we get her Teachings and how-to info. If we took all 3 finalists, had them each make 20 different dishes (their choice), I'm confident I would find much more of what Damaris cooks, that I would want to eat, than any of the others. That Peppered-Pork meal she helped that guy with looked positively yummy! The whole meal.

  • James - 11 years ago

    Damaris is NOT "like every other show". She has her own unique recipes, ideas and tips.
    She may even be better than some shows that are already on. The network should ask her what two things she would most like in or about, her show, let her have them, then stand back and let her do her stuff and shine! I hope she gets the votes. She's got mine. I can't wait. A Damaris cookbook--"50 Recipes to Love All Year", would be fabulous!

  • MelanieN - 11 years ago

    I agree that I like Damaris the most, with Hers being the weakest POV. Anyone but RODNEY!! Did he ever, before the pilot make a pie that worked? That and him constantly saying "brother" and "cat" and I was sick of him on episode 1. The there was the great astronaut monologue that completely made me the . I think Russell is OK, but just love Damaris's personality.

  • horse with no mane - 11 years ago

    I think Rodney should grab his guitar and do the intro song for "The Shed". That's where he would fit in best.

  • Stella - 11 years ago

    The problem with Damaris is that her show is like every other show on Food Network. Rodney is too similar to Guy Fieri or else I would think his pilot was rather strong. Russell is unlike any other "talent" on the network and on that note alone I think he's more deserving of a win.

    But considering the network's demographic, Damaris has this by a landslide. And frankly that's disappointing. I would think either Rodney or Russell deserve this one more.

  • MoHub - 11 years ago

    Although I sincerely want Damaris to win, I thought her pilot was the weakest of the three, and I'll probably throw a few votes Russell's way as well.

    I also wasn't pleased with Damaris' new POV: teaching guys to cook to snare dates. It was reminiscent of Andres failed POV early in the season, and it also struck me as taking Damaris away from what she really has to offer.

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