Do you think the bus driver should have physically helped the victim?


  • Brando - 10 years ago

    It was in Gulfport, a.k.a. Saint Petersburg, south.
    Known for: Violence,
    Cheap real estate
    Marginalized indigent population.
    NEVER seen by snowbirds, or other tourist,
    unless they are lost. Don't go east when getting off the
    Pinellas By Way/Sunshine Bridge.
    Splendid Deco homes. Burn your money,
    or endow the home for blind mice.

    To the matter at hand, the senior citizen bus driver
    did what was prudent. Where were the police who
    can ticket an 75 year old woman for going 28 in a
    25 mph zone?

    Throw the book at the truants.
    Secure the injured child.
    Put a monitor in the back of the bus.
    At say, three offenses, deny free buses
    to students.
    Gulfport isn't that big. If they can
    terrorize their peers, they can WALK.

  • Stephen Scripp - 10 years ago

    It is very clear that the bus driver wishes that he did more to protect the student. It is much easier to look back at the situation with all of the facts (how many kids involved, what is actually happening) as opposed to 'realtime'. We all have situations where we wish we would have handled things differently. In the heat of the moment, the bus driver chose to not physically intervene. I think the reasons why he chose not to intervene are more of a sad commentary on todays society than anything other than the vicious attack of an innocent boy. We have become so polarized as a nation, that it is no longer about what is right or wrong. The African American bus driver would actually be chastised by some in the black community for taking the side of the whites, instead of just doing the right thing. I do believe most in the black community would support the bus drivers actions if he chose to stop the beating. There would be enough backlash to the driver, enough to cause him to stay in his seat. This lack of response can be tied to this polarization. The same parents that did such a poor job in raising their children, would be the first ones to claim the system was failing them. No accountability is pervasive in all communities, but it should not come as a surprise when Americas' underclass imitates what their 'so called leaders' preach to them.

  • CMonie - 10 years ago

    Too bad he didn't have a gun (the little student) and could have "Stood His Ground"

  • Seriously People? - 10 years ago

    This bus driver couldn't do ANYTHING. If he'd stepped in, he could have been sued by one of the attackers' parents! My sister was a school teacher and one of her students attacked her-- jaw broken, bruises on her body, black eye-- and she held her hands up high while this kid went after her. The school was improperly monitored and the girl's mother had covered up her child's behavioral disorder but this kid's mother took my sister to court to SUE HER FOR THE CHILD'S EMOTIONAL DISTRESS?!!! (My sister won, fortunately, because there was a classroom full of witness who stepped in on my sister's behalf.) This bus driver made the RIGHT decision.

    Also, don't turn this into a race thing. Trayvon Martin was a child attacked and murdered by Zimmerman who'd been ordered by 911 dispatchers to not engage Martin. Zimmerman, because of his inner stereotyping, attacked Trayvon anyway and a poor kid lost his life. This involves a kid being attacked by other kids and an adult who was powerless to intervene. The only similarities are that both happened in FL.


  • PattyG - 10 years ago

    The bus driver DID stop the bus. He called for immediate help and he yelled at the THREE 15 yr. olds who were beating the crap out of ONE 13 yr. old. The camera worked, the video tape became evidence/proof, but the justice system (in this case) failed society. It will be interesting to know what "probation" entails. Personally, I think house arrest might be in order and, without a doubt, classes on anger management, addictions, to fit into society and STOP being a THUG.

  • s coll - 10 years ago

    President Obama nor Treyvon have anything to do with this story. Goodness people. In addition, the hatred displayed in these comments are unnecessary. Have a blessed day!

  • RENEA PHILLIPS - 10 years ago

    If the bus driver would have gotten involved he too would have been beaten. With the number of other kids on the bus, they did nothing either. The last time a student got involved with stopping an attack the school punished her. If the bus driver would have touched any of those thugs he would be in jail right now or dead. The rest of the thugs on the bus (obviously project dwellers) would have attacked the driver too. I am surprised that other black thugs didn't jump into the fight - that is their normal. Blacks are like jackals; they run in packs and attack the weakest less fortunate.
    This situation also proves that telling the school officials about drug dealers and other criminals will only get you killed. The school officials no doubt told the boys who outed them. IS anyone surprised that these are drug dealers - really!!
    Charges should be demanded by the white public, where are the white protests, where is the federal government now - attempted murder, drug dealing, crimes on govt/county property, etc. THROW THE BOOK AT THEM!
    Arm the bus drivers with a minimum of a taser!!!

  • RENEA PHILLIPS - 10 years ago

    This is the only place where the color of the victim is disclosed. If it were the other way around we would be seeing riots, protests, intervention by the federal government, etc. Instead of being charged with the real crime of "attempted murder" they are black so they are getting a free ride. We are now PAYING for free lawyers to defend these pukes; the white boy and his family will probably have to pay thru the nose for legal assistance and healthcare. I HOPE THE WHITE BOY GETS THE BEST LAWYER IN TOWN AND STICKS IT TO THE THUGS!! He should call Zimmermans' lawyers - that is the only way he will get a semi-fair chance.
    THESE are the reasons white people clutch their purses when black males are near - what a surprise. We know thugs when we see them - this is the future Travons of the country - hopefully the next time they do a beat down then the victim will be armed.
    To the parents of the victim - SUE THEM ALL FOR AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND DEMAND ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES - there is enough video footage to prove intent and action.
    The police and prosecuting attorneys SUCK! If the victim was black then the charges would have been steeper.

  • Felicity - 10 years ago

    He definitely should have stopped the bus and helped that child. He was probably afraid of the black kids that were beating up on the white child. It's no wonder. With black racism as it is today sponsored by Jackson, Obama, et al, who wouldn't be afraid to stop a black person from beating up a white person? Needless to say, the drive still should have stopped the bus and helped the child. This black nonsense has got to stop! White people aren't the problem. The blacks are making themselves look for racist every day. And for the most part, they are. They want free everything and voted for Obama because he is black. I wonder if Obama would want those criminals as his sons????

  • 1financent - 10 years ago

    The bus driver called for assistance and at 64 years of age was not physically able to assist. If the bus driver had been injured there would be no one to call for help. The 3 animals beating the victims should be permanently removed from civilized society. People have to stop treating these animals as little children and making excuses for their actions. They are the most violent and vicious segment of today's society. Unfortunately this ethnic group celebrates the actions of these thugs who grow up to be Criminals and then complain because they make up a Majority of the Prison population and the majority of those killed every year. These 3 should be removed from society before they take another’s life or loose their own lives. The 3 would more than likely not have attacked had they been alone; these animals only attack in packs. If they attack alone they could be severely injured or killed by victims who is protecting themselves from attack.

  • John jones - 10 years ago

    This guy should have helped.
    In addition school drivers need to be armed with cuffs and pepper and spray and a nightstick and a first aid kit and a tazaer and yes maybe the drivers should have a shotgun installed in the bus to deter bad negroes drug dealing boys like these from ever attacking a white kid again!

  • John jones - 10 years ago

    This guy should have helped.
    In addition school drivers need to be armed with cuffs and pepper and spray and a nightstick and a first aid kit and a tazaer and yes maybe the drivers should have a shotgun installed in the bus to deter bad negroes drug dealing boys like these from ever attacking a white kid again!

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