How do you feel about people wearing Google Glass on mass transit?


  • Paul - 11 years ago

    You all know where this is going. They did this poll so as to make everyone vote "I don't like the idea" so that gov't can take away more of your rights away while they get to keep their surveillance cameras. And when you want a copy of the surveillance footage, they say the camera is broken or they can't find the video and make it impossible to obtain one.

    Wake up people. Big brother is NOT your friend!

  • Andre - 11 years ago

    There are hundreds of devices that are easier to use, significantly cheaper to buy, and record LONGER than Google Glass (has about 45min of battery life when recording)...anyone that is against people using Glass should also be against people carrying cell phones (they have cameras, too), or even digital cameras in general.

    You can also tell when someone is filming with Glass because it lights up...when was the last time you looked twice at someone holding their phone up? Are they playing a game? or are they filming?

    Get over it. Jeese.

    --an annoyed Glass Explorer

  • Bob P - 11 years ago

    It's public space -- everyone should be under the expectation that they may be filmed/photographed at any time.

  • AD - 11 years ago

    I think that being against the expansion of information is to be on the losing side. Metro already records activity on the transit lines and that information is open to the security forces but often impossible for the public to use. Of course, having the public do the recording instead of just the large organizations will make all sorts of unproductive images available to everyone. But if recordings are available to be used against me, than I would like for recording to be available for me, too.

    Besides, so many people can already record hours of HD video with their smart phones. Wearing the smart phone on the head instead carrying it with a hand isn't a technological revolution.

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