Which photo should I print?


  • Iris Libby - 11 years ago

    All are very good. Nos. 1 and 3 are my favorites, with 7 a close third. The luminescence of one is especially lovely.

  • Judy - 11 years ago

    I like 1 and 6. How about a collage with one close-up, and one with the background?

  • Linda Bandler - 11 years ago

    I like no. 7 because it shows two "flowers" and the gorgeous scenery.

  • Liz - 11 years ago

    #1 has the view of the water the lagoon and that sunlight at the edges of the artichoke. But not that easy to choose. thanks for being included on the judges panel. I can put it on my resume and perhaps get into some international competitions now, right?

  • Andrea - 11 years ago

    Very tough choice! I like the close ups but the shots with the land and water are nice too. Maybe next time take fewer good pics, then easy choice!

  • dp - 11 years ago

    I love the macros 3 or 6, both are excellent,

  • SR - 11 years ago

    Loved this! Fun to vote too! Do more!

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