Which "space" program will you be joining? (Poll Closed)

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  • Gary Ansorge - 9 years ago

    Firefly is more fun than even SG. If I had my druthers, (ie, if I was rich) I'd get Josh to do another version, one in which we're still bound by known laws of space/time/physics. The setting would be space colonies in this solar system, as earth degrades to a cesspool and desperate humans reach for the planets. Ceres could well be as economically powerful as all of earth. It could have a population of several billion. Vesta could be that crazy asteroid that spends half it's orbit above the plane of the ecliptic, where it's hard to get to and the billion or so other asteroids could be infected,,,er, I mean, crawling with everything from cities to single hermits and space craft are powered by nucleonics, both fission (low tech ) and fusion (high). Travel with such craft in a space as large as this solar system, would take anywhere from days to months. Lots of room for diverse (and probably criminal) societies.

  • Samantha Padilla - 9 years ago

    Given my website, of course it had to be Atlantis. I can't imagine anything else right now, but first I'd have to serve a little bit on one of Cheyenne Mountains SG teams. And who knows, why can't you turn one of Atlantis' hologram rooms into a sort of holodeck and still get to be all the other things on the list? ;-)

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