With which statement do you most agree?

  • john - 7 years ago

    I voted get over it, but it is an embarrassment to Missouri only because of how our state government responded. They should have never banned the clown for doing what clowns do, which often involves making fun of whoever is currently in the White House.

  • Ali - 7 years ago

    If you're angry; you're most likely just upset its Obama... because he's black. And if thats the case; you're most likely the same person who said there was no justice for Travon.
    Everything to you is a race game; GET OVER IT.

  • Kefty Eaton - 7 years ago

    This has been a gag that rodeo clowns always have done since Nixon was President. Nixon, Carter ,Reagan, Bush the first, Clinton and Hillary, Bush the second, and now Obama as the most recent. The true racist would exclude Obama from this tradition but if you have been to many rodeos you would know this is old hat. Partly this is the ignorance of the mainstream and the media being observant and some to do hypersensitivity. One thing I can guarantee is now ever rodeo clown will add that to his act. The only difference now is that it seems there are a lot more wimps and whiny butts than there use to be and they are fragile crybabies.

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    They made a mistake. They should have put the mask on the horse's ass.

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    People need to grow up and get there heads out of their butts people make fun of All the presidents all the time. People are just pod because he's the first "black" president. If you watch Lino or and of the late nite goes they all make fun of him and they are on national

  • Tom - 7 years ago

    The poll switched the results from when I 1st viewed it. It was showing that most people thought it was disgusting but now shows that 81% agree with what I think, that people should get over it.

  • Tom McKittrick - 7 years ago

    I take it that most of the voters are probably liberals. The conservatives think it fits him. Most people with any intelligence at all wouldn't have any respect for this man any way. It's only fools who think he's anything but a criminal, I believe he will go down as the worst president in history, at least to this point.

  • Rita - 7 years ago

    Who is controlling this poll --- I clearly chose the radio button agreeing that "The Obama clown was racist, disrespectful, and disgusting." and when I looked at the counter it placed my response to the "People should just get over it...." --- NOT MY RESPONSE ---- skewed polls so sad

  • Brett Bocke - 7 years ago

    Ok I've know tuffy for along time and he works very hard at the JOBS that he has and is a great guy and i s always maken jokes anytime your around him and poken fun and is always pushen the limits of comedy and if he didn't he wouldn't be good at his job and if you want to bash him then bash every late night show on tv as well

  • Peter - 7 years ago

    How come this is considered 'racist' yet when we have WOMEN running for office such as Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton or Michele Bachmann they are degraded and treated horribly! Remember the song they played on Jimmy Fallon when Michele Bachmann walked out on stage? I do ~ it was disrespectful and vulger!!!!! Why are the women in politics treated so direspectfully yet no one says a word. Where were the activists when these woman were getting beaten up by the media? What is the difference? Equal means EQUAL and that includes EQUAL RESPECT.

  • Kelly - 7 years ago

    Aaron...You are assuming. And you know the old saying about assuming.. Nowhere did I say I look for racism. Because I don't...For many African-Americans, these stories aren't entirely surprising. As President Obama said a few weeks back, racism is a daily part of our lives. Like air and water, it's part of the environment in which we live. Yet far too many white Americans still live in denial about its persistence, as you are.
    The problem is we need to recognize how new and subtle forms of race bias have replaced the old overt acts of racial discrimination.

  • Barbi - 7 years ago

    I don't see what all the fuss is about. Women have been made fun of for YEARS. So have all the presidents. So have the elderly. So what's the big deal? Get over it and move on people. There are far more important things to fuss about. Geez-Louise already! Waste of time worrying about some rodeo clown somewhere doing what everyone has done for decades. Grow up...see the humor...and get a different agenda!

  • SmithA - 7 years ago

    This clown outside his costume is an embarrassment. In the past 36 hours you have turned him into a hero. SHAME on all of you. You should know this person in life and not his job before you have given this much attention.

  • M. Sanderson - 7 years ago

    So...what does this mean for Saturday Night Live now??? Seems that this happens there all the time...and presidents have even acknowledge and made reference to it in a jokingly manner. What's different about this situation?

  • Aaron - 7 years ago

    Kelly, as long as you walk out the door in the morning looking for racisim you will find it. It's called the law of attraction. There have been many many ethinic groups who have been enslaved or treated poorly in their histories. The difference is they have refused to allow that to be a "magnent" around their neck. They have chosen to fight past that and make their own future.

  • Kelly - 7 years ago

    Maybe this will help explain the disconnect in this poll all all like it between Races .....ESPECIALLY in Kansas & Missouri.

    Remember those big red and silver horseshoe magnets from high school? Now imagine you had to walk around the world with a huge horseshoe magnet on your neck. Aside from the heavy burden of carrying the extra weight, you'd quickly see the world a lot differently from those without the magnet.The first thing you'd notice – there's a lot of metal in the world. Keys, coins, cell phones, even appliances would suddenly get a lot more of your attention. Why? Because the magnet attracts them. But those without the magnet would continue to remain oblivious to the metal assault on your body.

    That's the experience for African-Americans every day. We're surrounded and inundated by the metal of racism while those who do not carry the magnet of Blackness remain oblivious to our experience.
    Until White Americans examine their own racial privilege and open their eyes to the experience of Black Americans, they'll never notice the magnet we carry every day and you'll continue to get the same comments as above & same poll results.....

  • Cheryl Townsend - 7 years ago

    Jason pretty much said it all. I live in Kansas and I feel the reaction to this has been crazy, after all, he wasn't shown to be killed. Presidents are ridiculed all the time, especially by comedians. This is not disgusting, but the reaction to it is.

  • Jason - 7 years ago

    People always look for the next (big) thing to get excited about... It's always a murder or a kidnapping or a missing persons case that gets the medias 1 week attention span for a ratings boost, and then disappears, who cares that this guy wore a Obama mask, would caucasian people call it racist if he wore a Richard Nixon ( I'm not a crook ) mask, what about all the movies depicting bank robbers wearing masks of former presidents, we don't see people picketing Hollywood studios saying they are racist. Just because the fact that we have a president that's not 100% white is cause for somebody throwing out the racist card when anybody that doesn't walk on egg shells makes a comment about him or puts on a mask depicting him. I'm surprised Al sharpton and Jessie Jackson isn't suing the company that made the mask for it being to dark or to light in color. Racism isn't dead in America, but it is a lot less prominent as it was 30 plus years ago. I see all colors and all walks of life that get labeled and looked down upon. The embarrassment for Missouri isn't this picture, or the act of wearing it. The embarrassment is how the world sees our country and how it is handled by congress.

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